It’s been a long minute and I must say, I have missed putting out thoughts, activities and just generally getting in your spaces and faces, hopefully my disturbance is entertaining and enlightening enough to keep you tuned regardless… (you’re not even allowed to say ‘no’, if not your internet will hook for a month😁). Okay jokes apart, your girl has been BUZZYYY! On a whole other journey to expanding her coast, taking life by it’s horns (let us just assume she has preety horns attached somewhere jor… do not ruin the flow, thank you😋), becoming the best version of myself, connecting the theories and vision for the brand in such a way that each piece comes to life. Baby steps, personal time, networking, calm and peace, insomnia, research, research and more research, low potassium levels, loads of praise/worship and word study after and I can confidently say, this plane is off the runway and heading skybound! By the grace of God.

One of the branches in this expansion series has exposed the ententrepreneur within me and brought to life Jasminwryts Accessories; the jewellery and accessory retail (for now) ‘branch’ of the brand and this company is and will be focused on highlighting the beauty and essence of each indiviual/shopper with each jewellery and accessory purchace. Like I said, “baby steps” but I’m taking them, no promise of perfection yet but definitely a promise to never stop striving for it!

There’s more to expect from the brand but even I don’t see the full picture just yet, all I can see now is the work on ground to do, the people who have connected with the vision through a purchase or investment, leads and advice, connections and recommendations, prayers and shout-outs and the desire within me to make sure that Jasminwryts Accessories serves each and every one of you an experience absolutely worth your while because you are a SPICE!

Therefore, this is a formal introduction I hope can be received with love in your hearts and followed with great expectation🙏. Welcome to the second season for the Jasminwryts Accessories Shopper. Worked with an amazing and highly proffessional team to usher in this new season differently also with high hopes and joy in my heart, we aim to give you nothing but the best retail experience.




Creative Director/Editor: Precious Iroagalachi
Technical Director: Blessing Bulus
Assistant Screenwriter: Lulu Okonkwo
Actors: Lulu Okonkwo, Amanda Iriekpen, Taye Arimoro, Jasmine Howson-Wright.


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