Hi fam,

How’s the week coming? I bet you are still giving it your best shot and pushing relentlessly, great! Please do. Now I got some inside jist to keep you company, nothing crazy but definitely a whole level of creative and worth your read😉.

So on the 31st of August, I got the pleasure of working with outstanding creative brands, different in their own right but all serving a common market – Art and entertainment. Each creative came on board to produce a unique mix and I think I can also say, a different vibe to the norm when it come to music videos. Yes, I said it! A music video (first of my kind on any creative platform). I initially wasn’t abreast with the full details (I mean my girl came through with the recommendation and I was certain it would be a legit and proffessional job in a productively encouraging environment), so I knew all I had to do was come in ready. I wasn’t dissapointed. Every vendor, model, crew member and supporter came with high levels of professionalism, enthusiasm, energy and just positive vibes all round (in terms of positive vibes though, there was almost a glitch but baba God is bigger than the devil anyway 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️).

Anthill by Enitan came through with unique designs from her collection; POP from Party by annabelle, Mojolà, Jòkóò to name a few, Jasminwryts Accessories came through with the jewellery spice for that vintage yet urbane vibe and with each independent piece of the puzzle Phugo curated the perfect aesthetic to represent the vision and vibe of the artiste – Spechal vyb and his single ‘intercontinental’; which is quite a ‘special vibe’ I must say. Anyways, there’s a reason why this post is a behind the scene and It’s definitely not just about the written content so let’s get to it🤗.


Anthill by Enitan Boss – Mide and myself going through concepts inbetween shots…

Conversations with the producer
Positive energry only: all smiles and ready to go!
The designer and her pieces – @anthillbyenitan
Models in Jasminwryts Accessories between takes
Model in Jwaccessories clear dangle earring X AnthillbyEnitan; Mojòlá before takes
Jasminwryts Accessories

I’m quite excited to see the complete turn out of this collaboration. Are you🤗?




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