‘The only constant thing in life is change’ they say – well this fact is probably very well understood by all. I mean, check out your biological history till date. Change could be exciting and it could be scary. Whatever the case though – change will happen!

One of the most abrupt changes I have had to make in my life happened this year. Although abrupt, the decision for the change wasn’t so sudden (waiting on God’s clear lead though). Making this one determining descision has made me more daring about my life choices now and basically any influences in my life. Regardless of the fact that I am the perfect ‘front window sample’ of an emotional being (I can be so sensitive to my emotions and have been more in recent times), I am toughening up and have begun making ripple effect changes to be at peace on this my journey of purpose and life as a whole. Here are some mental notes I’ve taken so far and hope sharing wakes someone up too.

1) Change is a contant in life. It’s such a constant that fighting it only causes strain and delay attaining your life goals and progress. Take for instance a 25 year old who deliberately chooses to ‘babble’ words and suck his/her thumb, because he/she wants to remain cute; yea he/she could get all the attention and petting or pitty that comes with that package but, should he/she ever wonder why they can’t be taken serious enough to earn money, drive a car, or even walk the next street without strict guidance, then it’s because they choose to fight that constant – change.

2) Change is very deliberate. As with every human beings biological system, no change is impulsive – one deliberate metabolic reaction or the other enhances or destroys something and one deliberate cell split or the other creates something. You don’t just happen to ‘grow’ or ‘not’. Same way deciding to change an attitude, location, decision and so on will be deliberate each time it happens. When people say ‘I don’t know what happened to him/her, they changed’, truth is – they failed to pay attention to a reaction or lack of it from the ‘changed party’. For that individual on the otherhand, there was a deciding point.

3) Change isn’t necessarily easy. Nothing in life is. If it is a decision to change your geographic location, change your looks, change your attitude, change your friends, change your beliefs, change your car etc…. whatever may be changing, it would come at a cost, something will give. Someone/some people will be affected, but what is most important in this point is acknowledging this fact and deciding smart – what is the best advantage regardless of the fact that it won’t be easy? Figure and lean more towards that direction.

4) Change begs for sincere reflection. It’s constant does not mean it needs to be rushed. Considering this is more of a personal mental note, I’ll add – Do it with God because I mean first of all He owns your life, so at every point your spirit is itchy for a change, He knows why already, He is aware of the TIMES and so who’s guidiance best to successfully complete each phase? I personally have had a back and forth recently, trying to be attentive to my spirits lead while making serious personal changes in my life and I trust that no matter how smooth or rocky the process will be, He will perfect it all for good.

5) Peace. Whatever each phase, each change leads you to, I believe one should pay attention to the peace you have within. Any change that is aggressive and fuelled by the wrong energy, will leave you constantly, dissatisfied, angry, hopeless and confused. Don’t change where you only needed enhancement, don’t disrupt your peace.

After writing this down, I woke up the next morning to play something from my phone and I heard ‘CHANGES – The William Murphy Project’. Mind you I have played this song a gazillion times from my phone gallery, but as it was playing this time…

THE MESSAGE: “You are going through changes, you say you want to change but in order to change, you gotta go through some changes.”

MY RESOLVE: “Do what you want to do (use my body, you can even use my pain), I am willing to follow you (the fight is over), whatever you want to do, Lord have your way!”

CONCLUSION: “Change is good. It’s working for me.”

Gone through any phase of change that took the most hit on you one way or the other? Want to share or just share any tips/mental notes that helped you through it? (Might just help someone else on a similar journey or just generally their own personal ‘change’ journey too). For everyone reading this, liking or sharing, I pray every phase of your life that comes with this demand – Change, works out for your good!




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