Hi guys,

Still in the attitude of reintroduction, I am excited about this post – my first personal behind the scene share with you all. So before I give you the itsy bitsy jist on this short film by Sele Got, I decided to include this category on the blog so that each one of you following, loving and sharing with me on this journey truly partakes of this growth.

I understand through experience being in the film industry so far (personal and otherwise) that the audience; each one of you investing your time watching what we do for a living and buying into it, into our brands, to a large extent make us and I don’t only want (as much as I can), to be seen or perceived as PERFECT, GLAM, I want to be related to as HUMAN. So from time to time also depending on the projects in themselves, I would share what goes on behind these perfect stories I tell through my art/work and I hope that keeps you connected to who I am – The real me! That said, don’t expect to much information oh! lol.

Golden rule is one the few short films I have been opportune to interpret; one of the many I took because it challenged a different personality. I hope you’ll love Tolulope Johnson – A young restaurant owner, who’s as excited as any young female entrepreneur, launching their business to the world for the first time and along with this comes….. *winks* (I told you not too much info). Alrighty, to my amateur gallery now shall we?


At least it is obvious we are not #lazyNigerianYouths



Creative team: Instagram handles
@SeleGot – Producer & Director
@MakeupbyJaqi – Costumier/MUA
@Amake_creme – Writer
@iamifeanyiukejeh – Actor
@bobbbybreem – Actor
@logan_invictus – Actor
@wisdomating – BTS
@korayday – Sound
and other amazing creatives I do not have their handles right now.



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