Hi guys, I hope the year still looks as promising for you all and we all are hopeful regardless of how glaring it is or not. I must say, shooting this series has been an experience and some! Definitely more to relish than otherwise. However, a few observations now, added to some over time which I had been curious about, have left me with this question – Is Entitlement now a Nigerian culture?

I was discussing with a friend and colleague recently and it just happened that this person also was amused at the height of this realisation; it’s becoming more apparent that the average Nigerian feels you owe them a duty and if not ‘owe’, then any assistance rendered to them is a right they deserve. Entitlement has become a culture if I dare say and this culture, a ‘must learn’, spreading like wild fire.

It’s like we no longer ask questions to get replies, no longer seek favours with polite tones, no longer respect personal property or appreciate personal sacrifices and I am over here wondering. would a ‘thank you’, ‘please’ or ‘sorry’ reduce the individual’s life expectancy? Is there a new memo exposing dangers that would follow if we exercise a little more courtesy, decorum and appreciation when necessary? Sadly from personal observation, this culture only encourages tension and confrontations, which then leads to fights, disregard for existing relationships or dismissal of possible ones. I mean, why should a perfect stranger think it is a welcome option to pick an/item (s) of clothing they should wear from your closet just because they’re allowed access to your space? Why assume a service is an ‘open invite’ just because of the opportunity to be amongst people it’s normally rendered to? Should the fact that another individual goes the extra mile for your need, automatically place them below you or permit you to abuse them/their profession? I try to remind myself that- “no one owes me anything (well except they actually do owe based on contract or mutual agreement)”, so if I want something, I know I should ask, ask with a polite tone and appreciate afterwards. Same reason why I wouldn’t be assuming certain privileges or expectations for myself when I can simply enquire, observe, check a handout/manuscript/menu before making a joke of myself.

As much as I’d like to say this is ‘no biggie’, the truth is that it is. Hostility is becoming the order of the day because people just don’t want to be abused or taken for granted. We need to do better by ourselves. Let’s face it – The Average Nigerian is suffering from this ‘cultural Defect’.



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