As I knelt down early in the morning to say a prayer in agreement with what I had been getting in my spirit starting this year, I heard it as clearly as I would hear my own name being called out at close proximity to my bedside – ‘LIVING FREE IN YOU’. Wasn’t sure the best way to shed more light on it outside of a spiritual context but as the day went on, everything began to piece up as simple as possible – Trust God now wink

For some of us the year 2019 is not going to be about ‘self discovery’ or ‘re-discovery’, it needs to be a reintroduction! This post is for these special people.
These special people who have had a vision, who found themselves, who know their element, who started but somewhere along the line doubted the process, got scared of the magnitude of possibilities not so far away from their grasp, who got distracted by the greener grasses elsewhere or ‘even just experimented around the corner’, who got talked down and out of their own journey, who bought expensively into other peoples dreams and it’s executions they left God hanging at the tail end of theirs with the rewards they so deserved, staying focus. These special people do not, I reiterate, do not need to be discovered, they need to be REINTRODUCED!

Cord set by @hbo_world
Photography by @ejikemanny
Make up by @lamiysglam

So this year, to every creative/individual that had begun a journey of self discovery, found themselves and began the plan for their lives, started to put one building block at a time to see the vision actualised, I urge you to get back on track, raise your head high regardless of time lost or uncertainty of the full process and let the year 2019 know who crossed over, know who’s back and know who is ready to live free in all of their element; even if they will do so one baby step at a time on this road of their destinies. Tell the world who you are and why you are here – Reintroduce yourself!

Video by @lexa_imagery

My name is Foluke Jasmine Howson-Wright. I am an Actor, Blogger and a Writer, here to INSPIRE through my God given passion(s) plus much more and through Jasminwryts the world will have hope!



Videography – @lexa_imagery
Styled by – @hbo_world
M.U.A – @lamiysglam
Photography – @ejikemanny
Location – @centralparkabuja @tapasonthegreen


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