Hey fam,

What’s up, what’s popping, how’s it been, what’s going on? It’s been another minute (or two this time) here and I know consistency for me is quite the challenge, but as I consciously try to remind myself; you all deserve the best content and you deserve content worthy posts regardless, so although it does take a toll on growth, (truth being told), I hope we can all pardon the occasional disappearance and stay with this ‘runawee’ because I honestly love you all reading and reaching out as you occasionally do (what’s more fulfilling again though?).
In truth, it hasn’t been the easiest task juggling a growing career as an actor; new projects, new characterization, new experiences, with evolving mentally and adapting socially, as well developing a few personal projects as the spirit leads to do so; time is indeed a huge factor that sadly isn’t generous, and creativity does take time. Soon I realize I have so much ideas in my head and not enough time or eventually zeal/enthusiasm to create something from it.

In summary, I am sorry again and yet again! I truly appreciate your support regardless and hope you hang on still. I will get my s**t together definitely.

That said, my experience as an actor in lasgidi (Lagos) will still be shared however, after the initial hitch posting I decided to exhaust my time here and have a complete reel of experiences to document when I do return to Abuja, that way nothing is left out.

What I can say now though is this – sometimes life does begin outside your comfort zone! If there has ever been a better teacher after the Holyspirit in my life, that sunk in the lessons that now shape my ideology in life, that teacher is ‘Experience’ and she does deserve some accolades!

I have seen quotes or heard a couple of times that ‘Life begins outside your comfort zone’, but that was all it was for me – a quote, not until life allowed me firsthand lessons in this course. It’s been the best self discovering, person awakening and excitedly challenging journey; life at different levels of my life indeed began the minute I stepped out of my familiar environment. There was nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with my accustomed environment however, there was more to achieve! and it now is clear that at a certain point in my life, what was required to achieve ‘more’ was stretching, crossing over, exiting from familiar grounds to unusual atmospheres. It just might be same for you reading this; challenging personal routines, changing geographical locations, abandoning certain friendships and accepting new ones, stepping out, starting or just simply listening to God and not going with what you know typically, that may just be the key to living life for you as well.
Life is worth living. Be conscious about your life, be deliberate, your journey may be screaming for DIFFERENCE.



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