Hey fam,

I am so excited that we made it to 2018….are you? Well, I hope so. There is just so much to achieve this year and I am sure we are charged enough to go all heads in and get all that is ours by God’s grace!

So you all probably have seen a rant on my Instagram page about change; starting new/afresh this year only if it’s necessary to your growth as an individual and will assist you further in achieving your God set goals. Please do if you must, there definitely isn’t anything wrong with aggressive change, in fact it is quite exciting, however that rant serves more as a reminder for us all to remain true to our growth and journey  and as I also mentioned, where change is not necessary you could stick to spicing up and making improvements or adjustments to what’s already in place and speaking of, this year I got inspired to do something for the first time (practically) ever – Creating a Vision Board!

I think I stopped the whole ‘new year new resolution’ bidness, when I got to a stage in my life where I realised quite frankly, the best key was to ask God for the plan and basically follow his lead believe you me, the difference that made in my life is so obvious it’s impossible to miss the picture of how ‘away’ I could have been by now 🤣. So, the whole idea of a vision board is definitely not ‘First nature’ to me.

My first inspiration boost came after realising that my 2017 ‘new year’, very random charges where achieved and exceeded even at that level of carefree-ness, while the real inspiration came from watching SisiYemi’s vlog about creating vision boards. So without further ado, here’s where my head is at this year 2018.

Vision Board .18

  • EVERYDAY WITH JESUS – Increase my daily thirst for Christ, my source.
  • ON THE COVER – Make the cover of at least one major magazine publication.
  • TRAVEL – Travel to the city of love (Paris).
  • VACATION- Go on at least 1 holiday vacation.
  • INTERIOR – Completely renovate my space (room, since I am still in a family house), to capture my life as a creative.
  • CINEMA – Feature in at least 6 cinema worthy blockbusters Nationwide and Internationally.
  • FILM – Grow in the film industry, master my craft with an international standard training experience and work with strategic and brilliant directors and producers nationwide and internationally.
  • COLOUR THE STAGE – Host at least 10 events nationwide and internationally.
  • STRONGER BODY – Be consistent with my daily workout routine; at least exercise 4 times in a week.
  • INVEST – Financially.
  • LOVE – Love more this year, love selflessly.
  • INSPIRATION – Work on more view worthy and inspirational post that will garner feedback and views from all across the world. Begin the journey to Jasminwryts being recognised as a Brand and signature for Inspiration all over the world.

This is where my head’s at this year and this is just a part of the vision but hey, it was all that much exciting putting it together and it sparked all the right ‘hope sockets’. We just might tick it all and still exceed it but I’m certain that whichever way it goes, it will definitely be a year to remember for greatness!



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