Hi fam,

Hope you are doing great and the hustle is paying off? If it isn’t just yet, it will trust me. Just keep at it.

I am quite a drag lately considering I have had more ‘in’ days than ‘out’; no longer on the path of a 9-5 desk job (which I am elated about) and well, quite a number of factors that just require me to be more reserved at the moment, hence I haven’t had any reason to actually dress up. I’ll have to admit also, In terms of consistency I have woefully failed; it has been such a fuss to create content lately but I am gradually snapping out of it.
I finally did have a reason to step out and it didn’t call for any serenre. Still, comfort doesn’t mean boring right? Definitely! So I went for a ripped pair of denim instead of my initially planned traditional denim look, with a yellow dressy top and I do think it created the perfect blend; the washed out feel of the yellow top against the rugged look of the denim, or don’t you?

Speaking of consistency though, It’s been a struggle for me to be creatively active as a blogger because there is a mental demand on me at the moment, it’s hard to keep the focus or channel energy in one direction. Right now there’s growing as an actor; reading scripts, becoming the character before you even hear ‘Action!’. There’s that and there’s the creative demand from personal projects and this gets more frustrating by the day because, well it’s personal so the fear, the pressure, the requirements….eesh! There’s also hoping that everything acquired so far, eventually adds up to the Big picture.

I believe this month is one to dare, face challenges, fears and conquer them but external factors that are most necessary, yet unreadily available, aim to kill the courage, hence it’s a battle between – my mind (creativity), my integrity (quality delivery) and my strength of will. I will keep daring though, might need to pull the brakes on some things and channel energy towards an area viciously first, before resuming others in order of priority at the time.

Do you find it hard to follow a laid out pattern or system to achieve certain goals and if you are a blogger reading this, have you had moments where it is a struggle to be principled and committed to being a creative? What can you say it is/was owed to and what did you do to get back on track?




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