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It’s been a rather looooong minute… yurrhz! Bet of kez, even though I’m certain you know I am going nowhere, ‘everly’ on lockdown here – We Fam, now ain’t that right? *wink*.

Apologies for the not so timely updates. A lot of life’s happening but on the positive. There’s so much more content coming subsequently and I can only hope you are inspired and excited to enjoy every one of them when they do.

So! This book by Michelle Mckinney Hammond is one word – Necessary, for every single lady in the terminal/station of her life, awaiting the train/flight taking her to that destined final location (and nooooo, before you finally conclude that it’s just another book for ‘desperate women looking for MAN’😒), let me give you a piece from the cake to taste yourself;

“Someone once said that men are like buses, if you miss one, there’s always another coming around the corner’. I would like to add that if you didn’t learn anything while the first bus passed you by, what makes you think you will catch the next one? Therefore, we aren’t going to start with the man; we are going to start with you…………..you have got to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’’.

The best summary I can give for this literature and I’m certain one of the profound insights I have gotten from it is – The issue is not the bus and catching one, heck you might as well get on the next locomotive if it’s about ‘catching a bus’. The issue is ‘to where’? Do you know where you want to go? If your destination isn’t paramount enough a concern for you, how then will you identify the bus to that location?

The writer, Michelle, employed a more relative ‘girl to girl talk’ writing style, so every chapter, point and exposure is easily understood and that made it much more of an interesting read for me hence, I have read this book TWICE (and I just might read it again, or rather have the ‘conversation’ again, lol).

I won’t bore you so much with my insights, but as far as reviews for this publishing goes and as I have said, it is necessary and it’s a ‘conversation’ you would much appreciate on a personal level. So, do look out for the book, it is quite a dusty ready, but I’m sure good bookshops will still have it or better still, google it and order away 😁.

I am itchy to leave a bit more watery tasters for you guys (I can promise you, I almost bookmarked every page within the book, so these are literally just nibbles).

Food for thought

“God decided that Adam needed a mate. Adam did not have a clue. He didn’t turn to God and say……’I’ve got needs you know’…..It also behoves us to note that everything God does has a purpose’’.

“If you haven’t gotten busy performing your God ordained purpose, then you cannot tell God you need help…Stop asking God ‘why am I alone?’ and begin asking him ‘why am I here?’ You don’t need help until you are doing something that requires help’’.

“Would you want to get to know you, if you met yourself walking down the street?’’

“We attract people who feed off what we think of ourselves’’.

“Don’t forget that Adam did not wake up until eve was finished. So why not rest and allow God finish what he has begun in you?…..and stop looking at your watch…….nothing new happens until the first order is completed’’.

“Do you feel like you’ve been forgotten………Has no one noticed all those fabulous gifts of yours? Not to worry, time will tell’’.

“Here is another even greater question: Does this man want you? Is he pursuing you?’’.

“It’s plain to see that in spite of Eve’s serious mistake, Adam still loved and desired her. So much for the need to be perfect in a man’s eyes! When he loves you, he loves you.’’

If you do give it a read, please feel free to share your opinion as well by commenting below or any of ‘Jasminwryts’ social media platforms, below this posts. I would love to read them.





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