This is how it went down fam…

All white ✔️

All bloggers ✔️

Everything Abuja ✔️

Everything Laguana ✔️

Everything TBP ✔️

… and it was definitely fun!!!

The Bloggers Brunch ’17 was the second of its kind for bloggers from all corners of Nigeria, in their different areas of blogging, one day, same cause; educate, celebrate, share, as well connect bloggers and brands and this I believe was a second time success!

The theme was ‘bridging the gap’ and the code was white, talk about liiiiittt!!! 😉 and the message was definitely resounded loud and clear.

The venue…

There was so much to be learnt and experiences shared by the panelist and other bloggers definitely sent it home (I took a lesson or two myself). Here are snippets from the seminar session every blogger should be aware of.

A Picture paints a thousand words they say…  now how about a gallery ey😌?

Pictures from the Blogger Point Brunch, Laguna lounge

with fashion blogger @carcheey

with lifestyle and fashion blogger @browniegram. Also one of the panellist for the seminar.
with @missdee_xx and @thebrowniegram
with @mss_vogue @missdee_xx and @thebrowniegram
with serial enterprenuer, fashion and lifestlyle blogger @missadohr. Also panellist for the TBB seminar.
bootylicious things with fashion and DIY blogger, Project manager for the Blogger Point Brunch ’17 @misdemi_akin

I definitely had a great time and I’m sure you can tell already 😁 but kai, this post ain’t finna be complete without a shout out to my Minister in charge of Slay Affairs you knowaramzayinggggg, for my absolutely comfortable slay.

Jumpsuit by @bb_artistry


A big weldone to the team and all the amazing vendors, thanks to Laguana Lounge for the ambience and hospitality! It was a great time.

Don’t you think so 🤗?




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