Hi fam,

How have you guys been keeping? Isn’t it amazing that we have got literally four months before we officially close the chapter on 2017? I think it pretty much is and there’s still so much to do, much more to achieve and guess what?….we definitely will! It will be the most fulfilling and rewarding year yet I tell you.

Speaking of achieving, I did achieve one very exciting and I must say humbling feat this year, one I am truly grateful for and like you must have gotten a hint or two on social media, It was a post pending, one ‘in waiting’ and it is finally here, well ya’ll know I love to share *wink*.

Bouygues Construction Nigeria Limited, joined the rest of the world to commemorate World Health and Safety day on the 13th of June, 2017. A day set aside to reiterate all over the world the importance of safety, health, and welfare of people at work. As defined by the World Health Organisation, it encompasses all aspects of health and safety in the workplace with a strong focus on primary prevention of hazards. Bouygues Construction across the world welcomed this noble cause with arms wide open, hence over 50,000 employees as well as partners at construction sites and headquarters gathered to celebrate the values of it’s company on that special day, which was; Loving life and protecting it and the Federal Capital Territory wasn’t left out. Now, guess who anchored the Abuja event? Yes! you guessed right – my humble self, such an honour I tell you! I did this with the undeniable and dedicated support of the team at BCNL and right-hand assistance of BCNL’s Corporate Safety Supervisor; Mr Prince Ndu Chukwuobasi and it was a successful event.

Zebra crossing rule

Indeed BCNL is a company that treats It’s workers and staff with upmost priority as it revealed for the first time and officially, the 12 Health and Safety Basics to be applied throughout the company with a message between the lines of each principle being:

Safety is not an isolated act in our work and on our construction sites, it’s our DNA and our culture because we love life and we protect it!

No Alcohol and drugs rule
Risk analysis rule

I think it is a message the whole world can keep at heart and no matter where or what ‘occupation’, living safe will always be loving your life and no one should take that likely. Check out the highlights.


First of all – Introduction
From L-R: The Managing Director, BCNL; Mr Jean-Francois Fichter, the Corporate Saftey Supervisor (and Co-host); Mr Prince Ndu Chukwuobasi and myself
Media Coverage by @kolimomedia
Outfit by @bb_artistry
Question and Answer sessions with surprises won


Do you think you can attempt to guess what rule the first image describes? Let’s give it a try *smiles*

P:s, did you know that clapping has loads of health benefits too? Like; relieving heart diseases, depression, asthma, helping your nerves work better, removing bad cholesterol and in fact,
it is stated that if you can clap 1,500 times daily, you will be physically fit… interesting yea? I thought so to!

Well go on and have a happy attempt at your 1,500 ‘healthy’ claps now…. *laughs*




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