Hey fam,

Anybody feeling super duper chilled this Wednesday? I soo am!

Let me just take a minute to say this: It’s very very critical for your growth, to take time out or time off certain situations, relationships or life patterns. You’ll be amazed how much you can put into motion, create or just how badly you did need to relax when you do and alot of times, it’s in those little relaxed moments (I mean seriously relaxing o, not stalking or keeping tabs😒), that you discover your potentials, limits, realize mistakes, and just get energized for what’s left of your journey. I can’t express how grateful I am currently having that.

So if you’re a mother who hasn’t taken as much as a good drive away for a day, please plan with hubby, take a day, weekend, 2days, 24hours of your life back to yourself and relax or plan a short trip, or have them plan a short trip and you relax at home. If you are working a 9-5 all year round, try a few days off if you can’t have a month or close to that. If you’re in a… (you know what, you shouldn’t even be in a stressful relationship so let’s scrap that 🙃). Basically, cut your life some slack and cool down a tad bit, you’ll discover so much and appreciate it every bit! Again, I know I am!

So today I decided to pair up my “ripped jean” with my newly acquired ‘X factor bubble top’ (It’s my top I can call it whatever I want to😝) from bbartistry (P:s, I’m so in love with this blouse, I’m soo not done with it yet) and my favorite ‘handy-bag’, with its o so lovely fringe details and nude courts. I mean, how easy can it be to switch from casual chic to formal chic? You know wha’amsayin? 😉.

Alright enough talk.





What’s your go to pair for a casual to formal chic look?




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