Hi Fam,

Quick question. Now I wouldn’t ask if anyone has been in the situation (because I am quite sure everyone must have at some point) but, I can ask how burdensome it was for you in that situation where the only available options forward where uncertain but, the only options available so making a choice; an abrupt and immediate choice was inevitable. How scary was that……??

Well, everyone has crossroad points or T-junctions in their lives. Sometimes that spot is too familiar or too comfortable, other times it’s not. When it’s too comfortable beware; you’re not challenged enough or you probably still are making a lot of excuses. You have to be determined to make a choice outside of that comfort or that familiarity in order to progress.

Sometimes the options ahead are confusing, sometimes they can’t even be seen, but even God gave us a gift so valuable; the gift of CHOICE, because He who knows all, knew ahead of your crossroads that a choice will be the only key ahead.
However, NEVER choose without His leading! NEVER waste that choice by not “choosing” to go as He leads! Never! Only His way/word/direction can be a light clearly exposing the right and wrong path/roads for the perfect next direction for you.

I’m saying this to you as much as I am reminding myself because I am at my crossroad, just like someone reading this is and mine, from a point of convinience (which I dare say is harder and trickier) but you know what? I CHOOSE GOD!

Don’t ever forget your most guaranteed choice is God.




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