Hi Fam,

I have always known that the unwritten rule of fashion when it comes to print is –

thou shall not pair pattern on pattern!

I am quite sure you all do to, so when I woke up that morning unsatisfied with my initially planned outfit for work (yea, I fall in the category of working folks that do not have the liberty of picking an outfit on the spot, owing to time and of course our very faithful, ‘NEPA’, so we plan the whole work week on a Sunday night), I knew I was about to break a rule!

So I had initially planned to pair my jumpsuit with a blazer and have a typical corporate look but then in that unsatisfied moment, I yanked out an animal print blouse (one of my faves) and without a ‘test’ (I also find it hard to do those, I’m too lazy to be disappointed..lol), I knew this pair was the ONE!

Sealed that up with my now favorite sandals and I immediately felt ready for anything that work morning.

So what do you say? Think it was too much or just right? Would you like to try a ‘pattern on pattern’ out and at work? Is comfort and fun also your style or would you rather play by the rules (unwritten rules in this case)? Would love to know.



Outfit details

Animal print blouse – Jovonna London

Print Jumpsuit – Amaranto

Sandals – Cape Robin



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