Hi fam,

Guessed mine yet? (Laughs) Yep! you garri’t – Garri! Not just any by the way; IJEBU garri! Not just eaten anyway by the way; SOAKED in cold and dangerously cold water! lmao.

Anyone that claims to know me and doesn’t know this fact, listen – You don’t know me! My case has actually passed ‘be careful’ and i’m actually trying to be careful now, considering my new diet and exercise schedule (where my Snap Fam at?)lol. I no longer feel bad about my Ijebu garri cravings. I could drink garri after a meal, before it or sometimes with it lolYea, it’s quite a bad habit, you can say that again. 

I can tell you guys though, now, owing to my new deliberate healthy lifestyle (which I will post separately about in the nearest future *wink*), I painfully regret to announce that I cant indulge such anymore, except on one or two rare occasions I must be a woman of my words! 

The selling point of any Ijebu garri ritual I indulge in at any point is chilllleeeddd water (Notice how the  chilled is dragged? Yup, the cold water, should leave that impression). I can, in desperate times, drink garri with ‘room temperature’ water very desperate times I tell you, but il probably have another ritual that same day if chilled water is made available. In other words, the former is inconsequential while the latter is THE necessary (laughs).

Another selling point has to be groundnut – Lawd! now that’s a serve! chilled Ijebu garri with sugar and groundnut. *sigh* writing will not do this justice mehn, let’s just leave it there. (Sometimes milk but, ‘jus coz’ or in the event there is no accomplice with the ‘meal’). In the event there isn’t groundnut, ‘kuli kuli’ also does the trick and I tell you Lashbell’s kuli kuili is worth every indulgence! It has just the right amount of crunch and the right amount of ‘tasty’ to give your meal an ‘umph’. Plus, it is also available in the UK! 











Basically Lashbell’s Food Company wouldn’t only do your garri drinking cravings justice, they’d be added blessing to your Nigerian delicacies – soups and all; with their smoked catfish and they’d bring the feeling of ‘home’ back to you no matter where you are with more tasty local snacks and treats like chin chin, plantain chips, gurundi, kokoro and more.

The best part is, it comes in such a great packaging, you’ll almost forget it’s not your average assorted snack. Try them and thank me latter *wink*

So yea, lets hear it *dancing* what’s your local food Fettish?




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