Hi fam,

I am soo late with the update oooouu rhyme! *puts dark shades on*, (more seriously though), apologies in advance. It’s been pretty tight this week. However, I wouldn’t not come through with the highlight of an interesting and very inspiring day now, would I? Naaah!

So over the past weekend, The Irede Foundation’s ‘Out on a Limb’ campaign took place and Abuja was one of the cities enlisted to walk for the cause of Equality; shouting out loud that we can raise champions just by providing prosthetic limbs to children with lost limbs, be it acquired or congenital thus, giving them an equal opportunity as the rest of the world to be all that they hope to be and much more.

Each man came with a purpose -To shout this out loud on the streets of Abuja and each feet was proof of that purpose.

Before our feet did the walking, we were prepped up by representatives of the Irede Foundation and it’s cause…

…but, how is the time between the initial prosthesis and a subsequent change, measured?

Ready to GO!



Extending limbs, raising champions!

Baby Naya was a supporter of Out On A Limb too

It was indeed a purposeful day. I also met amazing individuals from different respective works of life and need I mention that I walked THE WALK OF MY LAIVE yes, lol, I said ‘laive’. It might be ‘chicken change’ to awon fit fam out hurr, but that walk from the millennium park, through Hilton and back to AMIGO… that there, was quite a big deal for a non-walker/runner like me but, I’ll always be proud that I did that for a greater cause than my feeble legs *rolls eyes with a smirk*.

You too can be a part and support The Irede Foundation with as low as 1000 Naira and follow and show support *wide smile*





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