Hi fam,

So, as promised on Snapchat and InstaSnap that’s what its called yea?, I found a lovely spot here in the FCT and I cant lie, ever since I was first introduced to this Café, it’s been my signature chill zone till date!

Anyone who does know me well, knows I love me some rooftop views and green!!! talk about relaxing (a nice view and enough oxygen to take your mind off the struggle that can sometimes be life) *Laughs*. So when a friend of mine hinted about the café, I thought to check it out.

My first thoughts – “I’m home” (okay, okay, of course I am exaggerating *side eye*), but I did completely relate to what I saw and almost immediately got comfy. Mind you, on that day, I only went to do a bit of gbegborun (in this context – seeing for myself) and I was quite impressed.

The café spots a nice view of the Jabi Lake, the Jabi Lake mall (Shoprite) and further across. Its right on the top of a Mall building (also called Jabi mall or so, cannot quite recall in exact detail) which is directly opposite the lake itself. There isn’t so much going on down below, within the premises of the Café trust me (asides the regular inflow and movement of people and cars into the mall marts and such) but personally, the view of the waters across is priceless (I wish more could be done with that lake though, just saying).

By the second visit, I was ready to relax and I was joined by a friend too. It was a very relaxed and very relieving evening; the wind in your brain literally (lol), some background music, food and did I particularly mention, beautiful scenery – Bamboo/wood bar, nicely patterned carpet grass flow with the footpaths, an illusive waterfall between frosted glass, some decorative outdoor lamps that come on (or are turned on) as it gets darker to give some traditional spa feel.

You can also spot some art features, as the Café gives off an artistic feel…

I do have to say though, I was a bit disappointed at their ‘Drinks menu’, they do not have a lot of options in the cocktail department and sadly I am quite big on that. I thought the food was nice too but then again, I had like what? – Shawarma and some chips (I guess that testament will be scored based on subsequent visits).

What endeared me most and finally had me concluding that this was my chill spot, asides all the beauty ‘beheld’, was definitely the warmth of the attendants/waiters and the manager; he must have come up to our table (when I had visited the café with a friend) about four times, to ascertain we were comfortable and had been attended to. He also gave us a lil treat with his telescope and it was fun seeing as far off as Sheraton, from right there on the rooftop of a building in ‘Jabi’… *laughs*.

I have been at the café one more time after those and it still was a very warm welcome. So like I said, for me, it’s my new chill spot and it’s definitely the spot to be this season!

off shoulder bubu by @bb_artistry

Like I have, I hope you also have a great time when you do visit *wink*















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