Hi Fam,

Let me start with an “I beg una, no vex”, I did sleep on you for a hot minute and I’m sorry.

These past weeks have been the most… everything happening back to back and finding a balance was quite challenging. Projects under construction; trying to bring those to fruition, the steady demands of my 8-5 and other events that occasionally popped up; I would even begin putting a post together and somewhere in between, i’d  get caught up with either another activity or sleep. I have been somewhere in between ‘a mess’ and ‘human’, living and all.

Oh yea! I eventually did break down; fell ill but we got back timely enough to get gingered up for my girlfriends surprise birthday party and I gat all the pictures to prove it *wink*

Zainab’s 25th!!!

Silver jubilee in the air and happiness everywhere like we just didn’t care (….wait what???, lol, ignore that tenz). So we had a surprise dinner planned for her which she was to have no idea about, while she stayed busy designing a hangout the day before her birthday yes, of course we played along, and we did bowl hard. Bowling at The Trucadero place that evening and yours truly came in second place, because I just didn’t want to make people look bad like that, so I stepped back a bit yea, I know, I am quite selfless like that, lol.

A lot of the action was missed here in terms of pictures, because a lot of the action wasn’t missed in reality, so most of the pictures at the bowling alley are a post representation of the fun had.

The winners!

with the celebrant
friends of the celebrant

Do forgive the blurry shots, I guess the photographer was still on ‘hyper-mode.


The next day was her birthday and a work day for me actually, so every thing planned had to be done swiftly and on time for the ‘surprise effect’ to actually be felt. (Shout out to Mrs Bashir for having everything under control and thank goodness this is Abuja, because there was no way in **** I would have made it for the 6 pm schedule if it had gone down in Lagos). It went down at POW restaurant Abuja and, I did make it quite on time for this…


…but before that…


Getting prepped up

..and of course cake!!!! The gorgeous cake was made by cakes_charmant

cake by @cakes_charmant

‘Pasta sturvz’

We all had a great time, loads of laughs and she was happy… but for the clips though, there would have been no proof that she was the actual ‘birthday girl’… and I really don’t even know why….hmm *thinking*.

Happy birthday!

The celebrant: struggling to get a perfect shot with her balloons; they just were not cooperating (Laughs)

All said, this was a good day.




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