“Happy birthday to ya, Happy birthday to ya, Happy birth……dayyyy!” *Inserts Steve Wonder’s queue* lol!

Hi Fam,

Today’s my birthday and I just can’t seem to find the chill button anywhere my goodness! It’s not like I sincerely need chill anyway *rolls eyes* Lol.

It’s amazing I’ve come this far and i’m still smiling through must be God, I am just truly grateful. I’m also grateful too for every single one of you. Yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE! Jasminwryts is barely a year well we still have till April and we feel trusted, because you all are here viewing posts, mailing, texting, and appreciating what we offer. You’ve liked, made comments, re-posted articles and even though moving to the ‘permanent site’ caused a bit of a hitch, I still get your support (new fam and old) and it’s encouraging to say the least! Thank you!

Today though want to know what’s making my brain touch? Jesu! – My glam squad!!! I mean, I had a vision and they hit that execute button like it was created to be destroyed then, as if it wasn’t bad enough, they took it up notches higher… what! Namaste, Namaste!

First off SV Chrome Hotels was an absolute delight to shoot at. Their ambiance was almost unrealistically exquisite! The reception from it’s staff was instinctive and warm (you know how you can already feel at home, barely a minute some place away from home? This was it!), plus, ‘small chops’ from the bar …. mmmmh! 😋.

I was also given a tour!! Now talk about a lil som’ extra ey? My first date with this hotel left a pretty stuck-on impression I must say; there was no other option but to return.

…and trust me, pictures do this hotel no justice. It’s really an experience!
Venue on lock down and then the shipment began.

Bb_artistry came in with the ‘beat’; I was BA-TARD but, with a little care ofcourse hehe.

Subtle glow courtesy @bb_artistry

Next drop Aliyah hair company had me covered on the hair; styled and took care of every bit, that detail.

Bb_artistry and DesignsbyKitau joined in for the slay with gorgeous designs; a beautiful mix of elegant, chic and fashionable statement pieces and they are ready-to-wear!

Finally, Yemi Joseph sealed the deal and captured every single shot like a pro! I tell you this squad, was the ultimate gang (laughs) and because of each professionals dedication, I have one more reason to say – I am blessed!

To everyone who was a part of this experience, supporting assisting and cheering on my spirit; Ojima, Afam, Lewis, and everyone else, words will never be enough to say thank you but il still make an attempt – Thank you!

Photo Boot

Fringe dress courtesy @bb_artistry

Stripped high waist pants courtesy @Kitau || Hair courtesy @Aliyah_haircompany

Floral dress by @bb_artistry

Puffed sleeve gown courtesy @Kitau || Hair courtesy @Aliyah_haircompany

2 piece coordinates courtesy @Bb_artistry || Hair courtesy @Aliyah_haircompany
High waisted frilled skirt courtesy @Bb_artistry

Thanks again for going with me on this journey! You guys are amazing!





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