She is here now but she doesn’t want to be;

she’d loved to be out after that long and the next,

the best she’d never imagined it could be.

 Not as a result of greed or high standards,

No! Certainly not;

because she is THE daughter of a King and deserving is her certified lot!

 She is not selfish,

she has known only sacrifice and she has no complains;

she is privileged to extend always,

even when doing so, there was more lost than gained.

 She is grateful and for her, only God takes the glory!

but she has a request and she will ask;

A MAN – He would offer her love like no other,

Pure love – that which to mere men, is no ordinary task.

She cries out!

“Lord, I want a physical representation of you in Him”

She means an unconditional love –

beyond her flaws,

beyond her excesses and never enough,

beyond her understanding and comprehension!

 She’s certain if God permits, this love will –

be concerned and always want her close,

be spontaneous and never mind investing in her happiness,

always want her and care for what she loves too.

 She is conscious that this love will –

sacrifice and encourage,

communicate and build,

teach and learn,

This love will pride in her and for her;

always want to do better!

She looks up to where her help comes from,

chuckles with a slight glow;

HE is there and HE heard,

This she is certain of,

This SHE knows!



Photography – aophotographer

Outfit – dlvclothing


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