Hey lovelies,

So, much earlier in the week I attended a wedding of a close aunt and I promised on Instagram, to share that look and tips on comfortably slaying, even when it’s not technically your ‘day’. This post is me coming through.

On that day, I felt no desire what-so-ever, to discomfort myself just because I wanted to look good (one of those ‘lazy days’) and if I had the option, I just wanted to slip into a Jean, put a nice top on and put on a comfortable sandal or flat shoe but I thought, common, even though it wasn’t my wedding, it was one I was excited about and the celebrant deserved to see people support her even down to something as vain as appearance, we’ll…. she hopefully should only wed once in her life ‘init’? Anyway, this was my outfit for the wedding and I must say comfort was ultimately achieved, while still feeling worthy of the event.

Dress by @bb_artistry
Clutch by Black flair Clothiers

Clear / Transparent Sandals (Cape Robbin)


Dress▪️Bb_artistry | Clutch▪️Black flair Clothiers | Sandals▪️Cape Robbin

Style is a personal interpretation of fashion’s dictates so, it shouldn’t be a rule of law or,  the order of every wedding event, that ‘slay’ must involve complex styling, too much senrenre. Here are a few personal tips to consider, if slay is a must and comfort is as well.

  • Pick a simple outfit with a unique pattern or design.

I find that African prints; Ankara or patterned fabric, stand out and already say so much.


  • Sandals!!!

They have become my personal favorite item when it comes to heels and I have taken a liking to nudes or the clear straps or heel. I think they have a way of slimming a lady’s feet and they look absolutely GORGE when paired on a pair of jeans also (just saying).

  • Statement pieces.

Statement whatever; jewelry, bag/purse/clutch or hair style (no one mentioned crazy, mind you). Basically the idea of a statement piece, especially considering we have opted for a comfortable outfit, is to give a little ‘umph’ (as I like to call it), a bit of the ‘wow factor’ without trying soo hard. Mind you, I think that when it comes to statement pieces, you really only need one or maybe two…. Dazzal! 

However, which ever tip you go with or combine for easy slay, always, ALWAYS, remember the right attitude seals it! *wink*

Slay on in 2017!!!




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