Hi fam,

It’s 31st of December, 2016! Wow! Now you see God has indeed been faithful? In a couple of hours, phones will be buzzing with congratulatory messages for making it through 2016 and to the new year. Well wishes, merriments and of course the meme’s!!! The ‘new year, new me’ recitations lol, I do hope you mean it this time though. I am excited actually because I can’t wait to share and learn on JW in 2017 I do hope the feeling is mutual *smiles*, but let’s close account first, shall we?

What did 2016 teach you? How much wiser will you be, come 00:00:00am tomorrow? For me, I learnt soo much, too much actually! 2016 was a great teacher. However, il mention only Six (6), but would love to hear from you more, what you learned in 2016.

In 2016 I learned… 

  1. I can do ALL things through and only through Christ. No, I am not just quoting, I actually saw this scripture manifest in my life (I did do almost everything and by God’s grace well). I’m greatful for the strength now and hopeful for more next year. 
  2. The value of people. The value of family, I learnt this like I never knew it before. My support system didn’t ‘just’ grow? they had always been there and they have remained there and added. Nobody is an island; the truth in that, you can only experience. I love my ‘family’ (and I’m not just talking blood relation here).
  3. To take responsibility. I grew from expecting; expecting people to do for me, expecting situations to favor me, expecting people to understand why or why not. I learnt to own mine and get mine; what I wanted, what situations wouldn’t give me, I learned to own my faults and to own my victories (giving God due praise). I learned I was responsible for what I say, how I act, my response. I was responsible for the turnouts of my life, not the devil or the antagonizing situations so I learned…
  4. To make better choices. I chose God first over everything. I learned to make better choices, but It was no mere feat and I believe that 2016 dealt me good lessons when it came to choice. I learned that, through all and every, each individual has the most powerful weapon – Choice! I made some not so commendable choices, but thank God!!! I made more profitable ones.
  5. To startProcrastination is a disease and it has no mercy! I started in everything I believed in and believed He, lead me towards. I started new friendships. I started, then I realized that, to start is a risk, it is the first challenge and to start is to be courageous. Starting was my only chance at winning! (so I am already in the race to win… See?)
  6. God’s lovethat has to be my best lesson of 2016, above all else. I’ve seen it so much this year, my confidence could and can never again be shaken. He showed himself faithful to lead and direct me, even when I thought ‘I got it’ – when my pride could have had the best of me, he loved me still.

So I’m going into the new year with a confidence that I am wiser, better and more mature; mature enough also to prepare to learn more come 2017.

What did you learn in 2016?






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