Happy new month lovelies!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about the new month. I mean it is wonderful that we have seen 12 months of the year 2016 through (well we are still on the road though, but the journey is coming closer to an end) and I would love to encourage everyone (myself inclusive) with certain facts. Lets call em JW Facts shall we? *wink*

Jw Facts

  1. Your are not dead – That heart break; didn’t kill you, that accident; didn’t take your life, the illness; you’re living despite it, the position you lost; didn’t lead you to suicide. Again, you still are breathing and living through all and despite all!
  2. You moved on –  Maybe you haven’t noticed, but hey! you are doing much better without him or her, heck you are even with someone better now. You silenced the fear and are more courageous, you have a better job, you built healthier relationships, you left the past and are living for now and hopeful for tomorrow.
  3. You grew – The lessons were though, the journeys were rough, but guess what? You now know better, you are grown up (not necessarily physically but then again, also). You are wiser and you will always do things a little more different and better.
  4. You are closer – Closer to the end of a tough year but closer to a new year with endless possibilities. Closer to the end of a great year and closer to a new year with better opportunities (remember it can only progress either ways). You’re closer to God, family, graduating, your wedding, another birthday, closer to and thankfully farther away from not being ‘closer to’ (Lol!) Gettit?
  5. You started and are finishing – I donno about you but there is that feeling that comes close to no other (may be love sha); the feeling of knowing you started and finished! Whaaaaaah Like fam! because, only you understand what it took you to start, how much starting took from you, the challenges, the highs, the lows, or just that per second doubt that you may not pull through every other day  and now, here you are finishing! Ah! Please be happy o!

Basically, this December should find you consciously (meaning no matter what odds) happy. Deal?

So with hopes that we have a deal. Go ye into the world fam, happily!

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