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She hails from Edo State Nigeria but was born and raised in Lagos State and she is Gorge!


Ini Dima-okojie, first caught my attention in the web series – Skinny girl in transit (which i absolutely loved by the way, cant wait for season 3 though), then on the real (no progression here, kindly note, i am horrible at movies so i may watch a production meant for 2015 in 2017..o well) and i thought she absolutely delivered each role perfectly and of course, i did some research – This lady ain’t no average Joe though!

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Graduating from covenant university with a Bsc in International Relations and working as an Investment banker, its not difficult to tell she is definitely beauty but of course hella brains too. She kicked off her acting career in 2014 and has quite a number of accolades in that respect.

Her first silent short film was produced while she was at the New York Film Academy, during a film making workshop; “Bad hair day”. Following were a couple others – Vanity’s last game, Desperate housewives (Series), Taste of love (Series) and the list transits ever so steadily. Her latest movie “It’s her Day” already has me on the edge of my seat with laughter, it comic in its translation and definitely relative to the society we are presently in; where more focus is placed on the wedding as opposed the marriage (lol!) . Again, she seems to have won already with her honest interpretation of the the materialistic and somewhat obsessed bride persona – I was already cracking up at the adverts.


Ini’s style is effortlessly chick and has an air of grace. Its also fun and even when she opts for comfortable pieces, its evident that she will never not SLAY!

Graceful Elegance

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Casual chic


She Simply Slays!

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Exotic and Trendy

For Ini Dima-Okojie, we give a ‘rund-applauze‘!!!





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