Before you judge me;
Please understand my journey,
Before you love me;
Please understand I’ve been a victim of “sorry” ,
Before you give up on me;
Please understand I’ve got nobody,
I’m just me – Bare!

I know my position;
THE victim,
I realise my imperfection;
MY beauty,
I hide, won’t fight the force that silences me;
Because that’s just me – Bare!

I want acceptance but not truth,
I want to be heard but keep silent,
I am uncomfortable in my own skin yet that is all i own to wear,
Now you see me? Bare!

I pray to God;
I ask – ‘why Lord, why’ ?
I can’t make others understand Lord;
Can’t you help me try?
It’s seems even the Father wants none of me?
None of me – Bare!

I have to look in;
I have to look deep within,

What if ‘they’ would be willing to accept me but can’t because I have no identity,
What if I embrace my imperfection, face my fear and accept the truth,
What if I admit to judging first,
Not loving first,

What if I have never been there for another?
Ah! Now I understand your silence Lord, Father!
What if I never really was the victim?
What if this was really ME, in retrospect?





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