“Oh ye of so little faith,

Don’t doubt it, Don’t doubt it,

Victory is in your veins,

You know it, You know it,

And you will not negotiate, 

Just fight it, Just fight it,

And be transformed!”

Happy new month guys! (Even though its coming rather late in). I know i have been off for quite a bit, please pardon. Like i mentioned in The Liebster award post on my challenges with regards to the blog, time is almost a luxury i cant afford but hey! that most definitely will not limit me and i will make certain that i am conscious of my commitment.

Any day can be a downer, come with it’s major or minor challenges, be one you wished didn’t feature on the calendar. Any day can be that but i urge that those day’s (when they do happen), be your ‘yesterdays’ and never sequential; falling into the days ahead.


Because each new day comes with a blank script, blank page, a new mindset, a new hope, a new strength, a new energy. That’s a fact; we are just so guilty of assuming that the events of the days past determine the new one we woke up to. You shouldn’t. Don’t sell your day short of all the possibilities it’s ever so pregnant with. Don’t be the ‘ye of so little faith’ just because of a yesterday’s event? A year past occurrence? A birth day’s handicap? No, Rise today!

Rise to the glory of  a new day; the possibilities in a blank page, the opportunities abound in 24 hours and the hope of a clean slate. Victory is always in your veins, it’s a new day and you will only be out of time at the last tick of the clock to the 24th Hour.

Even then, guess what? A new day is on its way and you can rise yet again!

Today – RISE!

P:s – Just something to get you challenged and i absolutely love everything about this video!

“Rise” – Katty Perry

Have a fulfilling New Day!



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