To ya’ll wondering how serious this is? It is serious! Well… in terms of networking maybe, but don’t get too anxious (lol), it is not an actual award.

The Liebster award is more or less a way bloggers and people of the ‘blognation’, ‘blogsphere’, ‘blogville’ whatever tickles your fancy really,  get to discover one another and it does work i tell you i already have discovered a few other bloggers just from clicking on nominated blogs. I guess il just quit yapping history and get down to it.

So, i was nominated by the lovely Dupe of Gingerlie to answer…

What are you most grateful for?

“Having a personal relationship with God. It may sound vague but for me getting to that point where God is more than who i know and accept,  but who i can relate with deliberately as a father, lover and guardian, that is something i am still thankful to Him for every day.”

What inspired you to start a blog?

“I started blogging because I absolutely love writing and i like sharing too. I also believe in the power that honest expressions have. Like i’ve always been more of an expressive individual not necessarily an extrovert but, i am not one to bottle up what is within and i love to create content from words; I feel a certain way? i write, i witness a certain thing? i write, heck! i sleep and wake up and i want to write and not just write,  i want to share that experience, thought. I think i converted my arguments, and ‘talk talk’ as a child into articles and write ups with contents now i really think so lol!”

What three words best describe you?

“Unconventional. Lover. Bon vivant (just posh or french for saying i love love love! good food and good living).”

Do you get writers block and if so, how do you deal with it?

“I think the question rather is how often i get it because mehn… i get blocked blocked BLOCKED, especially in terms of continuity; when i get inspired to put something down i initially feel i got it all covered until i start writing. I absolutely have no problem with what to write, i can scribble the thought down exactly as i feel it when it hits (even if i am not opportune to write at that moment) i just have this ‘it must be perfect syndrome’ so, after runs and runs through sometimes,  i get stuck! 

Well, most times i read where i put down the initial thoughts again, sometimes i take a break from writing to resume afterwards (and then go through the initial thoughts when i resume). Listen to music.”

What is the worst outfit i can never see you in?

“Suffocating, unnecessarily exposing, and disturbingly short outfits, u kent carsh me innit. I don’t believe in trying that HARD… lol!”

Any Big plans for your blog and what are they?

“I envision a lot for jasminwryts but that on its own is still a process (again it must be perfect syndrome), i mean jasminwryts is just 3 months old and for now, still trying to create a niche; be identified. Ultimately though, i intend among other things to feature influential writers, creatives and guests with stories that inspire and hope when it is all said and done each and every section here will be a quick stop to refresh someone everyday. Plans can be adjusted over time.”

Where is your dream place to be proposed to?

“Hmmm…i don’t know if i can put a name or place to that though, i do know i am too much a romantic and love surprises! so… i hope it’d be the most romantic scenery and oga (dear future hubby take note if you do come across this) puts real thought into it.”

What is your dream job?

“I cant even lie, i have a great job at the moment but! my dream job will be anything that allows me write at will, travel to discover new worlds and contribute positively in life (altogether). When i am at it, we would have a name…lol!”

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers?

stylepantry by Folake kuye Huntoon, iamdodos by Dodos Uvieghara, gafashion by Grace Alex, stylebyalexandriah by Alexandriah Sho-silver, by Tomi Awoyemi and by Micah Gianneli.”

What challenges have you faced since you started blogging?

“Time is a MAJOR factor for me. Right now i am restraint and can’t put as much in as i would want to considering i do have a 9-5 (8-5 more like). This also translates to other areas like being able to get a good / professional camera to improve the quality of personal contents i post and things like that. It also affects being able to continuously learn and improve the blog because this will demand time to check other blogs, read and all of that so growth and acceptance is a bit slow. I ain’t stopping though.”

images (1)If you are a blogger and would like to participate as well, by all means do. Lets connect!!!

Also if you would like to ask any other questions about the blog or my journey (anything!), feel free to leave a comment below and i will be sure to respond.

For my nomination, i graciously hand to Tomi of 😀



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