So i was going through my devotional today and at the very last bit was the question “What do you need to stop doing so you can use your time more wisely?”. Quite a question if you agree yea.

We are at the second half of the year 2016 and if the majority of you guys are just like myself, then lets just call a truce, we are so… far away from the set out goals we had laid out at the start of a perceived promising year (and by perceived, that would be in context of the success we planned to achieve in that regard, by the close of the year). That said, the year is still in progress (gratefully so), so i have decided to accept my fallen status, confess it (well i’m admitting this publicly aint i?), seek pardon from the determined side of my self i silenced and well, retreat to plan B – START AGAIN.  I promise to be more purposeful and conscious this time.

So that is futuristic, however, i must have gotten distracted by something or somethings. I very well was actually. So how about that – what did i do, that i need to stop ‘doing’ so i can use my time more wisely and attain my set out goals. This i hope serves as a lead for you guys lagging to go figure yours and make the rest of the year really worth while.

  • I got comfortable.

Honestly hen! i am such an advocate of the DO NOT GET TOO COMFORTABLE slogan, it is quite embarrassing to admit this is just exactly what i did – get comfortable. Remember the official launching post Just do it? I had overcome the spirit of procrastination and finally started a blog and quite a number of things at that time (i did start the year rather well honestly) but over time it felt like that was quite a big achievement for me considering, and i just thought o well! i do need a chill. Do not do that. Don’t over compensate yourself in one end and relax at so many others. Trust me, for every achievement attained, newer grounds/levels to conquer. I got so comfortable priding in my conquest, i paused my exercises, stopped reading (i already started trying to read at least a book each month), relaxed in spiritually edifying myself (i know right, how can just starting a blog get someone that high up in their heads…lol! well). I just relaxed basically and that in turn started giving me a constant inadequate perception of myself; trust me you don’t need to be fat to feel not healthy e.s.p when you already began consistent exercises, or dumb to feel a little uncomfortable with just not knowing. I did pick up on the spiritual bit a lot faster though, so maybe that wouldn’t exactly count. Just sha don’t get comfy.

  • I overthought

Don’t spend your time thinking about what you can do better or what you plan to do or even what you have not done. Do not. It really is a waste of time. All the times i was comfortably chilling, i knew i should have been up and about my set goals, i thought about the fact i wasn’t doing them and later thought i should do them or thought about how it was going to be another unfulfilled day since i did not do them. Sigh! 3months down the lane and i’m publicly announcing how i still did not do them.

  • I was distracted by the ‘new’- possibilities, achievements or events

I think the easiest one word syllable to best capture and describe this is FOCUS. See this, once you get off your guard, you get preoccupied and waste a whole lot of time. I did, a lot of new possibilities came dangling my way, i was always almost so excited about them, i did not necessarily have to smile from the east side of my face to the west, but you could tell. Sometimes I forgot i had a plan set out. It is okay that i was optimistic about newer achievements, but il have you remember our world is a real world and if you cannot put in diligence to the former, there is no guarantee for the later. No positive end to this still, all my excitement was basically just excitement and distraction and here we are at start again.

  •  I did not Listen to within

Trust me, whether you’d like to admit it or not there’s always that tiny voice saying “get up, its 5am, time for your morning jog” or “you have had enough TV time today, go pick up a book” or ” don’t you think you should drink a glass of water rather?” or the voice that says “Nah baby, this is actually too sweet for you right now, lets do a little cleanse today”. How about that voice that says sternly “NOO, you’re lagging, your’re lapsing, your’re going to loose all the momentum you worked to get”. Yes that voice, the voice of our conscience / the holy spirit / the voice that checks and balances. I cannot even begin to tell how many times i shut that voice off in different areas. Honestly speaking we probably shut it up on a daily with and without knowing but do get it back on speaker mode coz it is literally your time saver and eventually your life saver.

  •   I did not attach value to my time

There is a popular saying time waits for no man which i translate as a sub way of saying, ‘be wasting you life there’. Honestly, if it is fact that your 24hour clock never stops ticking, doesn’t that mean your existence is always in motion? Like, whether you actually move with it or not, your next birthday will come and pass and one day you will be aged and old enough to die and yet no value to the life you were gifted by God. Hian! Please, attach value to every millisecond of each day you breathe, its no joke (strong warning to self)! Time, i am just understanding more in dept has the greatest value after God. I mean, if you loose time, its lost and sorry wouldn’t even come close to making it resurface. (So it will actually always be too late to say sorry. Sorry Beiber…lol).

We are human and sometimes cannot just help but let go of basic personal principles, but i would like to remember by the end of the year that i was tactful and precise about achieving credible and beneficial life goals, by making good use of my time. So this is me starting with the abstract pointers, yours could be a more physical approach i.e. getting a daily planner, journal…e.t.c.




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