Now that I have officially kicked off the site (which I am so excited about and hope will be an amazing journey with you guys), I guess it only falls perfectly in place for me to address an issue which in all honesty, I could not be more guilty of  (sips tea).

Really though, who procrastination epp??

Procrastinating is a grievous offence if I am allowed to say and what more, it is so because it’s an offence against yourself. It has quite a seductive approach but with such a drowning effect, you literally do not realize how deep you are in until you are completely engulfed. If it isn’t because you think you need a whole day, large sum of money, a commendable level of support from family and friends, then it is because you are too tired, making a statement; trying to pass a message to someone else who to you, is too lazy and needs to snap out of it. It is, “I will do it tomorrow”, “It will take a large part of my time at the moment”, it is fear, it is insecurities and it is excuses – one excuse after the other. I have come to the conclusion  and satisfactory resolve that to save yourself from the clasp of this unfriendly friend, you have to JUST DO IT!

You know what they say about anything you do for 21days? yea, it becomes a habit! Right here my friends, is me – Exhibit A; the perfect example.

So, growing up I was that young kid with the craze of having everything exactly how I had them kept. If it moved, I knew it! If it was distorted, I literally felt it in my soul. This eventually translated, OCD. Most people around me were of the opinion that I had it and quite frankly, I grew so used to the ‘tag’, I mentioned it as a fact about myself with no fuss. It was the truth and there was nothing to be ashamed of. Now here is the thing, because I was like this, I seemed to be timely at almost EVERYTHING I was engaged in. If you sat on my bed just after I had straightened it, I would be so alert that no matter the conversation, once you got up, I went back in for the straightening (loll). It was reflex (and I later found out it was annoying). While in the university (much earlier though), I would get ready early so I could put my bag in order (every compartment was designed for a type of item), get my space and sometimes my whole room tidy and perfect enough for me to return to. This was my definition of ‘peace’. If anything had to be done, it was done. Dishes washed right immediately, reading when I had set out to (not necessarily with anyone), fun, games, movies when I wanted to, but almost nothing, was pushed forward if it could have been done right at that moment. It worked! well at least until I got conscious of making the people around me uncomfortable at home and otherwise.

The era of this unfriendly friend was still in the incubation stage when I started taking a ‘chill’. It seemed like I was handling the situation well still. I did not necessarily jump at my activities or plans with same urgency, but I did before the end of the day…then by the next day…then at least I did it and then eventually, I just did not do them and when I did, it was a struggle.

Fast-forward and now I was home with no work per say (because it was more of family business  and so I had too much time still at home), this was who I became, a young lady that knew what to do, and did but not just at the time it should have been done. Now I will have you note that I wasn’t lackadaisical but, I did procrastinate a lot and it attracted every other thing but praises and effective results. This attitude  seduced it’s way to my passion and drive. Everything became an excuse for me to write and if it wasn’t an excuse to that end, it was the need for a strong base of support in modeling. It was fear of feedback, of failure. It was me never eventually doing it.

Experience they also say is the best teacher and believe me the tales to this are unending. However, if you do not just do it, you will never actually realize it and if it drives you, it will satisfy you as long as you act immediately. You want to loose weight but think the process will be lengthy and leave you distraught because you are ‘that big’? Start! The fulfillment of the first run, the first sweat worked at, this will be your drive and that will eventually build up to something more and soon, its becomes a habit. You want to be heard? Talk! don’t wait till you have a million people, talk to the few, be heard by that one and boost your confidence. Nobody will do it like you do it and most especially if it concerns you most. So stop telling yourself riddles dear, get up and JUST DO IT. Keep doing it until it does something to you or for you.

Action always beats intention when it comes to this!




  1. JUST DO IT! and you have done it Foluke. Procrastination indeed is the mother of failure and father of so many unfulfilled dreams and unhappiness. quite sadly i am also a child of procrastination and the will power to begin is always a problem, thankfully i am coming out of it gradually and do we must do that which are destined and programmed. fly high, because you can.


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