Hi fam,

I believe I must begin to sound like a broken record now with all these apologies. Regardless guys, I owe you all that at the very least and I will try to be more deliberate and consistent delivering these posts. See me already doing that now😔

How’s the first month of the second phase coming? Anyone hungry? Anyone hopeful for results? Anyone expectant? Is there a story to be written differently, adjusted? How about the wins? Any to celebrate? I am ready to WIN this season though and I have a mighty feeling that if you are reading this, you are too.


I know that for some people this is just an extension of an already wonderful season of wins – Awesome! Stay winning.

For others, indifference. You have probably asked “what is this aunty saying sef, she has no idea. What’s the point? Hope to what end again?”

I’ll say this, “I understand.” I understand that it might seem the months literally just passed, while you stood still and nothing showed that your existence was well thought through, purposeful. (I too had days where I could argue that the hours  were extended intentionally to frustrate my ‘not busy’ self).  I understand that our country demands so much from us and you are simply exhausted from giving it your ‘best’, putting in the work and believing, all to null – nothing recognised and no help refilling what’s lost in the process. I understand that for some, 6months were just days and numbers to count. It was a rather slow year for me too and totally relatable, however I got to appreciate the journey more every ‘slowly’ passing day and I dare say now it was perfect.

I also want you to see yours differently, or make adjustments necessary for this last half. Wouldn’t you want to be prepared for the WIN even while ‘static’? Try these out!

  1. Adjust your mindset: Activity is overrated. Stop beating yourself up because everything is not happening around you or with you. Activity is one thing; Productivity is another.
  2. Engage your mind: Make the most of your quiet time. Study, create, inform yourself on that career you are yet to get, learn that skill you are passionate about but have no money to fund. Start that blog free on a creditable platform (even all the better for growth), start an online course. Personally, I devoted more time to developing my relationship with God; studying the bible, reading spiritual texts, worshiping and all that. I began another personal project (which I am so elated about by the way *screams*), stalked creative personalities and actors that inspire me (this is really great especially if you do appreciate steady growth as opposed overnight successes).
  3. Contentment and appreciation: Understand that contentment is a characteristic of any individual who is aware that much more lies ahead and is confident in attaining it. Also, when you are inactive but observant and appreciative of what surrounds you, you will never make the mistakes signature to an inactive and impatient individual.
  4. Relativity: Don’t get so beat down by your “sitting‘ state that you are unwilling to network. Networking does so much, you cannot even imagine. Those relationships, brief communications and information shared, have a way of ‘moving’ even when you are yet on the ‘GO’. 
  5. Choosing happiness: Regardless of the external or internal factors that may have or could contribute to your feeling stuck, static, unseen, choose to be happy. I cannot reiterate enough that it comes from within you, no one else and nothing else can give it to you.

What do you say?



Photography by:@trayzphotography


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