Can we pause for a second this season of love to ask this question; what should be at the tip of our minds when someone says “I LOVE YOU”? What should we be mindful of when our hearts silently look out to that one person, waiting to be sure if it really is love, and if it is, observing to see if ‘it’ will ever be reciprocated? We all want love; to give love but most especially, to be loved either because we love already or are willing to. However all these still begs a personal question – “what do I really desire from the love I want?”.

With more knowledge comes greater understanding and with that comes clarity. As I lifted the original draft of this writeup off my writing folder, I realised I had but a little knowledge then so consequently, I understood just as little. I concluded that we always want ‘something’ from love and love was meant to speak to certain areas we found deficient in our lives. I wrote something in these lines; “we either want a love that will listen more, a love that will give; gifts or time, a love that will defend us, speak for us, a love that will correct us, groom us, a love that will be truthful, or one we can trust at every point” (no lie there, however), I was what, 19? Smart probably, but with not as enough insight and experience to tell the truth about an issue so sensitive. Now I better understand – Love is all encompassing. So here’s clarity:

“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its on way. It is not irritable and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never looses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance”

and if I may add (since I so happen to be listening to Charlie Puth, writing this), Love is only ONE CALL AWAY AND SUPERMAN HAS GOT NOTHING ON IT *giggles*

All I am trying to say in essence is, the summary of the jittery feeling you feel when you see that individual, the summary of that carelessness towards almost every other thing that makes up your world when this being steps into it, the summary of that inability to describe your feelings just because it involves that one human (lol) is this – you want no hurt, harm, sadness, shame or pain for that being so you exercise more patience in knowing what they are about, what they need, what their threshold is, so you are deliberate about your approach in words and action; to anyone else you will refer to yourself as ‘blunt’ name-calling, but dare not with this person, your truth is kind, is soft-spoken, so you celebrate them and encourage his/her efforts and do not see any opportunity to assist or support them as one to resound your importance and reduce their worth, so you do not exert control over them because they let you in and you definitely do not ‘Lord’ them, so you give them benefit of doubts, you pardon shortcomings with subtle corrections and communicate more rather than tabulate errors in your minds diary whilst acting ‘observant’.

You want complete happiness for that being so it only makes sense that you want to always be around them, I mean just to be sure they happy now, right? Hence my addition ‘one call away’, because out of sight will never be out of mind. You want no harm coming their way so your love will only encourage the better parts of themselves, reaffirm their strength and celebrate their truths (and this also covers physical flaws hidden by societal lies and ‘assists’). Beyond these, you never give up on them and I confidently say this – whether in context of an actual relationship or a failed attempt at such, you always want to see them happy and at their best!

Superman really has nothing on this sort of love (lol) and if you are still wondering ‘Ha! all these! From who now?’, all I will say is expect even more and nothing less when you hear ‘I LOVE YOU’ and this is not for just the ladies. Sure, more cases than not a guy is likey to love first (well I guess because he’s always had the mandate to ‘find’, so he most likey was looking out first) however, be it whoever ‘loves’ first, when that love is admitted and confessed, be sure you are getting nothing less, because love is that much a sacrifice and there will always be that person worth it all and more. Don’t be fooled and do not fool either. *wink*

Happy valentines.





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