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Compliments of the season and a merry Christmas in arrears! I don’t know about ya’ll but I feel quite excited. I do hope your Christmas was lit and warm. Did you travel? Where you stuck here in the FCT like I was? Lol, well wherever your Christmas found you I hope it was and still is a very merry season because, lets face it, its been quite a year and especially in Nigeria. One fazed with struggles and to reiterate it soundly comes our fuel scarcity palava. Speaking about struggles, my personal life has not been left out as well.
Personally, one of the biggest struggles for me this year was starting afresh!

2017 saw me recreating and establishing a new personality, a new career path, a new financial channel, a new Instagram page and basically coming to terms with it all enough to grow through this newly carved path. As anticipated there was fear and it should have been a scary phase altogether; deciding that the creative being within, which I occasionally let out was worth a full release. Possibly asking myself:

What if ‘she’ isn’t potent enough? What if there really isn’t that much more deeper within and she ‘expires’ faster than time can predict?
What if I never get another acting gig? What if I was just lucky to have a first? What if I am not recognised enough and approached to host anything ever? What if my writing inspires no one and I eventually just end up as a self proclaimed penniless lady with itchy fingers and bogus dreams? How far can my blog go?
Will I ever have a consistent financial flow again? Will all these pay me enough to hold up the responsibilities tagged to my person? Will I be financially efficient?
Oh my! Does it make sense to delete my account of a healthy following just because I was hacked? Isn’t it stupid to start an Instagram page from scratch, while completely rebranding my life, who will know me?

Here’s the thing though, as much as starting afresh was my biggest struggle this year, I silenced every one of these possible thoughts (because they did try to creep in) and held on completely (still am) to the tiny voice that whispered “its okay, I led you, I am with you”. I held on like my whole existence depended on it and of course it did 🤣. Today, I know clearly who I am, I know what I am and every channel linked with this new phase; financial and otherwise has continuously extended and cleared up in such amazing ways I can take no glory for. I’m living and I’m full of hope. My social media audience is barely ‘500’, but a ‘less than 500’ that recognised this NEW and made a deliberate decision to hit ‘Follow’, that’s more fulfilling.

Life may have hit you hard this year, your fears could have gotten the best of you, karma may have caught up with you and all these may have brought you to the conclusion that you are done for or the year was a waste and worse still, you have nothing to look out for in the year 2018.

Based on my logistics, I believe it all begins with a choice to silence your NAYS and choose every positive, good and pure bits left to be salvaged, measure that up with the fact that you are still inhaling and exhaling God’s air, as bad/wretched as you think you are and be thankful for 2017.

Please do that urgently so you can enjoy the rest of the year and have the best new year ever! Just as myself and  Brownie are this season. She also has overcome this year and you’d definitely be inspired here when you see what personal struggle she overcame as well.




Collaboration with the lovely – Thebrowniegram

My outfit  (Red off shoulder top and frills skirt) from – Bb_artistry

Location – Bleisure Social Restaurant & Bar, Abuja.


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