Hi fam,

I have missed you!

I seem to always be apologizing for distance and inconsistency but I have come to realize that this is happening for good reasons, from a good place. So I will refrain from apologies and rather promise to keep delivering as often as I can, valuable content (well, till we can perfectly or almost perfectly manage my life’s beautiful madness), 🤣 deal?


I love God! If you know me, you probably already know that. He is the ultimate lover I tell you, because it just don’t makes sense that he love’s me…. like why? So when I got the opportunity to represent for a God brand, baby! I am all in 😁.

These T’s perfectly communicate positivity in one look and of course you know what they say about first impressions… need I say more? Lol! Fantastic, simplistic representation of hope, motivation and God, through quality style. Now that’s one signature impression I have gotten from the jesusrepublic brand. I did make a good decision. About decisions yea, the only constant thing in life is change we all know that, and this year I made quite some, but ill share five (5) of the most crucial and defining personally.



5 make or break decisions I’ve made in 5months.

1. Leaving my 9-5; Believe me when I say this was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in my adult life and on my own. One of those decisions that certainly would make you or definitely would break you. It was mostly hard because it was from a place of convenience (anyone who knows, just knows) and the moral of this decision for me is NEVER MAKE ONE WITHOUT GOD! This so far has been a ‘making decision’. It has come with it’s hard knocks (😧 you cannot even begin to imagine) but the promise and journey so far, BLISS!

2. Deciding for my creative; I officially became a ‘creative’ (as I like to use, lol), in the month of July, when I decided to leave the construction life. I made a deliberate decision to embrace it all whole heartedly and pursue it like a daily Job earnestly. This was and still is definitely a ‘making decision’ and I started living purposely following that month. I haven’t appreciated life as much as I have and am now. The opportunities – endless, my expression of self – effortless, my hope – surmounting and my purpose here on earth – daily unravelling. I know me now and I am BE-ing now.

3. Financial trust; ooou, now this decision has burnt! It’s definitely been a ‘breaking decision’. In the last 5months, I definitely have made decisions financially, that slapped the life out of my existence. I’ve made financial commitments in ignorance and also in pride (because I’ve learnt that pride is not only in actual physical haughty shoulders but also is worse in over-SELF assurance) and I trusted myself and promises more than I should have God and Godly wisdom. Have I learnt? – I SURE HAVE! Am I better? – Getting there 😉.

4. Prioritizing friendships; and I chose that headliner deliberately. As much as I would like to say I cut off people, Il also like to be sincere to myself and anyone reading this; I cut off the relationship tags I consciously or unconsciously gave the individual and simply prioritized each persons importance in my life (well, some folks are at zero yea…so… lol). This is a ‘make of life and destiny – type decision’ that I am so glad about and still very in the zone of. Anyone, with energy that just limits my joy, supresses my creativity, hurts me or makes no form of sense to my growth, fam! I’m taking that tag off and sending them down the ladder, with no hassle what-so-ever. Ill breathe easily while at it sef and no! I don’t hate (I’m deliberately making sure that is not the case).

5. Physical wellness; I have heard comments like; “you are perfectly fine! Kai, you eat that much and are so slim? I envy you” and more of such prior to this time. I wasn’t even mindful at all of my body because, “I was a slim model”… with toned arms and well, I did not fall into the ‘bumbumless’ category (lets just say) 😂, deception! After a very serious illnesses in July, looking at the mirror and almost hating what I saw, I made a ‘making decision’ and it wasn’t to be slim, it was to be healthy fit and sexy mentally and physically. Hence, I ate (still eat) wella! but I included pure fruit juices i.e. carrot juices, focused a lot more on proteins and enrolled in a gym. Gym continuity was never a do or die for me and after 1month, inconsistency there did not even put pressure on me, I just stuck and still am sticking to putting my body through specific workouts and trying every now and then to include healthy options to my grubido lifestyle. I feel amazing and from occasional compliments, I guess I look the part too; not just thin/slim 😒.

Basically, I’m wearing an inspiring shirt and in the past 5 months, I’ve lived inspiring myself one make or break decision at a time and I just hope for someone out there, this was worth the read 🙏.

See you in the next inconsistent but hopefully inspiring post 😉.



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