Hi fam,

See ehn, there is just something about prints and patterns for me that is just exciting! Believe me when I say I probably have never worn a uniform pattern (two piece of the same texture and design) and every single time I pick up a patterned fabric, I turn in the opposite direction for a completely different design and a mix and match session begins.

These particular pants from @bb_artistry are still one of my faves because I get bored easily with everything and when it comes to style, it’s just the easiest challenge; the color and just how each pattern flows on the textile – brilliant! (like some futuristic ish). I also feel the cut and straight feel of the pant itself, accentuates my figure comfortably. I have paired it with bold colors, plain whites and today I thought “how about some lines”? So yea, I put some lines on *laughs*.

This dress top, also from @bb_artisty (and a gift well appreciated), is a wardrobe essential I tell you. Talk about a piece with so much dynamics to it.

By the way, what do you think about fairy tales?

I, still believe a lot in fairy tale love and ending up with the perfect love-strung partner, yes I do, he’s out there somewhere *wink*. However, for the question of starting a family, this is no fairy tale. That is the realest ish right there.


So you say you ready yea? Nice! Since you are here already, let’s just ask ourselves these few shall we;








1) Are you ready to accept that persons flaws and shortcomings and help them grow out of it for the rest of your life, no matter the struggle?
2) Are you willing to accept their family as yours no matter what?
3) Are you ready to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate the other?
4) Is your mind set on being taken care of or is it willing to take care of…?
5) Are you emotionally prepared for the changes that will come with having kids?
6) Where is your communication level at?
7) What’ your mind set; “I can get out if things go south” or “I must build a formidable home”?
8) Are you excited to face the world together at all times?
9) Do you want a home or do you want a wedding?





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