Hi fam,

How have you all been keeping, same ol’ or anything different happening? Hmmm, I have had quite a moment though and a well deserved one I believe. It’s a new Era and I can feel it. Thank God!

Ever been in one of those situations where life stifles you and you don’t like it but you know or eventually come to realise snap, this ish was just right on time! Well, life just released me, been facing that cornered wall for about a week now and just like it wasn’t fun to be punished as kids that way, it was torture!

I mean technically speaking, I believe from the second week of the month of July, I should have been at this spot I was forced in because of certain changes I made in my life but boy am I always carried away in my ‘activities’, I actually did not realise that steady progress requires recess occasionally if not you loose eventually (remember how God told the Israelites to plant for 6years and at the seventh give the land a break, even planned to give them a double harvest by the 6th so they do not loose out but gain more by the 8th year when planting begins and they are not even done yet with the harvest from the 6th? oh no, they rather not; all their effort, labour, activity as productively wise beings? Alas, after 490 years plus not that quality turn out, well duhhh, they get the 70 years sentence away from their precious active land into captivity in Babylon, so yea the land got its rest eventually) and whose loss? Me, the modern day stubborn Israelite – Jasmine Howson-wright.

If you are reading this and a lot like me, you probably just sighed or went oh crap! that really is true. Please take a very quiet time away from everything YOU a bit and take a tab, notepad, laptop… you’ll need to make some cuts and balances, rearrangements, realignments or a whole new draft and clear your spirit of filth too and distractions because that’s gonna be your engine to ensure you work it out well this time around.

I’m more than sure that this time, I’m strong and clear headed enough to make the right decisions, say the ‘No’s’ to the wrong situations, people, opportunities, ideas and just begin my journey of purpose – on purpose. Honestly and finally, at this point in my life if I’m not working in my purpose or towards it, what’s all the excess life charade about then?

I hope we all get my drift and get to that defining point  too. Most importantly, I hope we make it work too, after all these realizations. Happy New month!




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