Hi fam,

On Friday the 30th of June, 2017, Ebonylife Tv turned 4 years old and It was all that much fun and absolutely memorable for me because I had the opportunity of not only being a part of quite a memorable event, not only being allowed a short ‘escape’ from life as I know it which I now believe everyone should indulge in at least once in a while, I also got a pass to visit my ‘Village’ (well… I am Lagosian so yea V.I.L.L.A.G.E 😝)I am quite excited to share this experience I tell you but first lets start from….

I must admit I was already pretty excited from the minute I alighted the aircraft and the literally cool Lagos breeze; from a place I once always referred to as home, with a subtle warning about the competition and stress that trademarks my lovely Eko, embraced me. Immediately I was ambushed by teams of airport taxi drivers, it was official – I was in Lagos! *laughs*

Oh and did I mention my four hour journey from Ikeja to Ajah? Mehnnnnnnn……..

Traffic on the ‘Island’


Yay! 😀

Long ride and at some point frustrating too but, the views were so dynamic and worth every bit for me. We did eventually arrive (as someone jokingly told me that, in Lagos the traffic can be deadly but even with a dead body, you will sha arrive), with a slightly bashed rear (owed to every car having right of way at the same time and no atom of patience!), then it was time to get prepped up.

As per usual, bb_artistry takes full honor for this piece (I told her it had me on some wavy ocean feel; white water tinz *laughs*).

Hair by Sonia and MUA duties by yours truly (I think its high time I self advertise my Makeup business, let me Sef be adding MUA to my profile and to my source of income haba).  I try now,  don’t you think?

Appetizers downed and it was off to the main course of the day and I mean, why have a great meal alone when you can enjoy it with your very own partner in crime (in these matters)??

…wasn’t joking when I said ‘crime’ either. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the stylish Inspector of Sons of the Caliphate Season II!

Speaking of Sons Of the Caliphate, the pioneer channel premiered among a list of other flagship series and movies (Fifty, Life 101, On the Real, The wedding party, Dere, Fifty; the series), the second season for the highly viewed and requested Northern tv drama and It was an absolute privilege to be a part of its recognition.

Brace up guys, THE Sons of the caliphate are coming soon and it only gets better *wink* (official poster for Season two).

There was fun to be had and It was had. There were moments to be shared and boy was it shared. For me, every bit was lit. I also had a one on one with amazing contributors/actors alike, as well my team and these memories are definitely here to stay.


From left: Adunni Ade, Damilola ‘The Goldfish’ Ogunsi and my humble self

There were just so many moments and so many wonderful personalities to seize in a shot but alas! since I never really learn and almost always have my power exhausted before important moments (well in my defense, every moment truly is important 😒), my battery life gave up after fighting a good fight! *laughs*.

One opportunity I did feel slipped to smoothly and rather regretfully was the opportunity to have a one on one with Mo but o well, like they say, “sometimes second chances work out even better than the first” and I’m certain the next will because when it does come, we’d be more than ready for it 😉.

Soooooooooooooooo! Lagos was a concoction for me, a bittersweet serving. Lagos served me so many reality checks in such a short space of time which almost always came after quite an exciting moment I must say like, returning back home to meet a stream of water (no joke, water so high, my Uber had to end the journey way before the actual gate and I couldn’t even be mad *laughs*), water that created job opportunity faster than our government; all of a sudden backing – carrying an individual (usually babies but not in this case) on another individuals back, ‘to and fro’ the water became legit work with a N500 charge (and just in case you still think I am talking from observing…naah fam, I got backed myself *laughs*).

One question I kept asking though, what really is the fuss about the ‘Island’, why are people still on the Island? With all that money? I feel the struggle is the realest there and It’s beyond me.

Well, I did have fun over the weekend, Lagos was real! Lagos was woke in every aspect. Lagos was an experience and so was Ebonylife tv, turning four years old!

What do you think about the shows premiered at the film festival though, which will you say is your fave series or movie and have you also had this bittersweet sweet ‘Gidi’ experience? Do tell🤗






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