Hi fam!

Missed you guys.

A lots happening….a looots happening! I am so sorry for the inconsistency, slept on you all a second again (well except you follow on Instagram), but still, I’m sorry.

Have you ever just been at a point in your life where no expression truly explains what you feel?

Ever been so engaged, you forget time and loose track of days?

Ever been so elated in your spirit, you are constantly in a struggle to pull it all in for fear of exploding?

Ever gone through series of emotions, so quick and in such short notice, your reality becomes a cartoon/fiction in your understanding?

Ever been under so much pressure from fear of the unknown, you don’t literally want to start the day?

Ever been so praise FULL within you, occasionally tears slide for no just reason!!?

Ever just want to press PAUSE! then play when you feel sane enough?

Your emotions, actions, beliefs, fears, hopes, just mixing themselves up with no regard for your sanity: your body, your mind, your heart, your dreams, but you feel like you have no fr****ng control! aaaargh!!!

…So much going on, so much going on. Yet you know soon, you’ll have a breather (or will you?).

I’m just literally taking each day as it shows up, no overthought no capacity to sef, everyday new surprises, new challenges, new confusion, new fear, new tear, but still there’s peace, somehow…I don’t know how, in all this emotional roller coaster; no, no heartbreak stories here, just sincere mash of emotions – Overwhelm, gratitude, responsibility and hope. pheew!

So I’m sorry guys, we have to put our interview section on hold again and I’l need to apologize in advance should posting be inconsistent (‘should’ because I want to believe we can keep that going on a steady for you, but should that be a struggle…).

We are on a crash course mid air, but we are definitely on the go and this ‘intensive necessary phase’, has its perks. Just please stay with me fam, I promise to try keep posted on our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter), all @jasminwryts.

Stay Inspired!




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