Hi fam,

Special shoutout to my naturalista’s and natural hair queens; this journey is the realest (laughs) and if you’ve managed to stay on this journey steady and faithfully, congratulations *applauds* because we know the journey is beautiful yea, but we also know it comes with quite some sacrifice but, we also know the feeling we get every once in a while, staring back at that reflective surface and seeing the progress we’ve made or just how lustrous and healthy our hair has become and we appreciate those sacrifices.

Now, guess who else appreciates the journey of the Natural Queen? Blackflair clothiers; a clothing brand that has also found a way to merge protection, beauty and African authenticity all into one with their Satin sleeping bonnets, silk pillow cases and sating scarfs.

These products:

  • Are super comfortable.
  • Will help retain your natural hair moisture and prevents hair breakage.
  • Will help maintain saloon finished hairstyles.
  • Help keep your face hydrated as well (the pillows).







The kids are not left out too, Blackflair also produces satin bonnets for  them as well. I really am excited about this because now I can style my hair the night before without worries and still wake up with all that moisture too, plus aren’t the bonnet prints just gorge!!! Absolutely lovely!

Black flair will be at the African Hair Summit 2017 which will be held at Sheraton Hotel Abuja, Nigeria.

Ladies, I’m going there to get me one! I hope you all will to *wink*






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