Hi fam,

So lets just take a minute to appreciate…

T H E  P R O C E S S

I wouldn’t even try to devalue such an amazing piece with any misinterpreted thoughts. The photographer said it all!

T H E  P R O C E S S 

These series of images showcase the struggle an artist goes through, be it art in it real sense (creation of yourself, I presume), art from the perspective of a singer, art from the perspective of a writer, art from the perspective of photography, makeup artistry and other embedded genres.

The RAGGED CANVAS signifies a stage in an artist’s creation of himself/herself or creation of a particular showpiece or masterpiece. These are stages of trial and error, stages of endless mistakes, accidents in the course of creating or painting. At this stage, backing out is NOT an option even though it becomes so obvious you may not be making any progress sort of, but if you look/observe deeper, you would be very aware that you’re learning ‘how not’ to create or paint yourself or the masterpiece, in what ever case…

The BEAUTIFUL MAKEUP signifies a point in which you overcame the first stage of trial and error, the scene of overwhelming doubts of backing out. At this stage, you are close to creating this excellent masterpiece, you’re ‘satisfied’ with yourself but not entirely ‘fulfilled’ because deep down you know there are a few adjustments/knowledge to be achieved to reach the fulfillment stage. At this stage, do not beat yourself but rather take a step back and pat yourself in the back and tell yourself, WELL DONE

🏆The GOLDEN EYESHADOW signifies the complete creation of the masterpiece (be it yourself or a physical art) and the prize of fulfillment – GOLD!


Royal Black!

I am dripping melanin and honey, I am BLACK without apology!











… I do have two words though – ABSOLUTELY WOW!




Creative director: Felix Crown

Photography: Felix Crown Fotografi

Muse: Teminikan & Mide

Art: CassKoncept


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