Wagwaan fam!!!

Been a minute on this block but, we are back and crazy excited to showcase the beauty of the world behind and in front of the Camera! The beauty that is the world of Photography and modelling… excited yet??? Yessboss (we certainly share in that excitement)*Wink*.

Our 2017 entry shot is from the creative camp of photographer genius Fabolousbanji!!! and it features an endearing mix of the Abuja spring feel – Springtime Cheer and Deep Forest Emergence. Absolutely captivating scenery with a twist.

Welcome to the DEEP

She is Bold and Determined; not even the trumping vibrancy of the world she finds herself in will intimidate her. She is ready! She is Boss!

Deep forest emergence
Deep forest emergence

For the love of SPRING

Springtime cheer; laughter, love, effervescence, freedom, warmth; She welcomes you, draws you to her just as you are. She cares! Feel it?

Springtime cheer




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