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In the spirit of new and since it’s the first month of a new year and of course my birthday month (shhhhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone🤐), I decided to do something different. When I say ‘different’, trust me, I mean just that because, I usually wouldn’t take to horoscopes and I’m not keen about monthly or daily queues on how an individuals demeanor or character should be… Naaah, or, maybe I’m quite satisfied with my spirits definition but, I got real curious owing to some personal sensation and y’all know il do my research now and I found a number of interesting and honestly, quite intriguing facts about Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) and you also know – I will share 😉.

Have a nice read, learn something, if you’re like me, just enjoy the temporal shock when it becomes too relative, have a nice laugh. Like I said I don’t believe in it but, I do see some funny cues here, lol! For my ‘Aquarians’ in the house, what you think, would you agree?

Hey there Aquarius!!!…

  1. Somedays you want to socialize with everyone and other days you want to be isolated from everyone. 
  2. You are free spirited with a knack for stepping outside the box. 
  3. You’re generous and willing to help others. 
  4. … Will let you play your game thinking you are winning and then beat you at it!
  5. … Can offer you a solid friendship, friendliness and an easy going casual attitude, nothing but your real self, courage to be you and to be proud of your difference, plus, many crazy times. 
  6. … Has the habit of thinking about the same stuff over and over and over and over again! 
  7. You are sensitive when it comes to love and because of this, you require details about issues in your relationship. You will notice the slightest inattention. 
  8. You go silent when you are really annoyed or just have no words to express how upset you are (Laughs!).
  9. Telling you to ‘calm down’ is like trying to baptize a cat! (Laughs!). 
  10. You easily change personalities; getting to know you is no easy task. 
  11. You have the power to emotionally distance yourself the most and are more better able to control what you show to others. 
  12. You have no desire to be what others want you to be and take pride in being your own unique self. Love them for who they are or be gone! 
  13. Once you’ve lost interest, your words will be lesser everytime.
  14. You are not afraid of getting emotionally attached but, you are afraid if getting hurt! 
  15. You are born with a fighting instinct. Yaaas!!! 
  16. You can be a very…playful lover.
  17. … Will never lie to you if they really and are truely in love with you. 
  18. You’re a master at pretending everything is fine but, can shut down emotionally. 
  19. You are more logical than emotional; you’ll still cry and show affection but, in terms of daily life, you rationalize more and prefer a life where emotions don’t get in the way. 
  20. You have a loving heart but a cautious mind. 
  21. Aquarians are nice until you make them mad and when you make them mad? Nice doesn’t exist! Thank God for God though… Lol! 😶. 
  22. You can be more emotional than most people realize, you just don’t sit and tell everyone your problems.
  23. You are independent and original. Boring people could annoy you; you like experiencing what life has to offer. 
  24. You are musically driven and inspired. They must have music playing everywhere they go! 
  25. … A typical night for you – starts with a yawn, getting ready to sleep, getting comfy in bed… 30mins later, you are staring at the walls!  A good night’s rest is always on their wishlist. 
  26. You will never let someone else take on your problem; you prefer to handle it as best you can. 
  27. You know that there is more to a person than what’s visible on the surface and for that reason, you try to understand people. The last thing they do is judge. 
  28. You are loyal and empathetic but, your loyalty sometimes has trouble withstanding the test of time and monotony; if you have the same problems over and over again, they may distance themselves because they simply do not see any other solution. 
  29. You don’t easily submit to others because, you are highly self-sufficient. It takes a special person to change that. *coughs* God. 
  30. … It is so darn hard for you to stay mad at someone you love! 
  31. You are always observing and analyzing everything around you! 
  32. You have a bad habit of shutting people out when you are under stress, without giving any explanations as to what is going on. 
  33. … How to capture your heart? – be down for spontaneous adventures as well as cozy nights at home. 
  34. You think it is better to be hurt by the truth, than comforted with a lie. They are not good liars; this is why they often don’t speak or speak the truth. 
  35. You usually get along with just about everyone, you are particularly attracted to people who make you laugh and make you feel good about yourself. Stylishly vain. 
  36. You are too smart to fall for childish games played by others. If they see you are not genuine, they would rather not waste their time or yours. They may care, but, don’t you dare! 
  37. … Once you loose their respect or trust? Game over! 
  38. You are an idealist who believes in true love. You are searching for a best friend and a soul mate. 
  39. You are an advanced thinker; this is sometimes a gift and a curse. 
  40. … Let’s be honest, you can be pretty egotistical, although not overly corky. You sometimes feel you are better than others and always right. 😩😞😒
  41. … When in love, you are devoted and loyal to your lover and have often been accused of caring about your friends more.
  42. You stand by your promises when made and more than anything, you want someone who accepts you, no matter what. 
  43. … Pays attention to the things that relax you, the things that you strive for and when you least expect it, will do the little things to make you smile. 
  44. … You don’t want to hear what an Aquarian is thinking when you are getting the silent treatment. 
  45. You easily make yourself panic by over thinking and obsessing over a situation that in reality, isn’t as bad as it seems. (Laughs!).  
  46. … When you speak from the heart, even if no emotion is shown, it can be a very powerful thing. 
  47. As a woman, you are in a league of your own. Your brain is your tool, you like interaction but, also need your space. You need mentally strong people around you; loving and loyal. 
  48. You give a distant vibe a lot of the time and in conjunction with your inability to be unpredictable, it is easy to question “What in the world, is going on here”? 
  49. … Never know from one day to the next how you’ll express yourself. They have soo many different ways of showing who they are. 
  50. You can be wonderously feminine yet, a tomboy at heart and you sometimes have more male friends than female. 
  51. If an Aquarian had ever cared for you, chances are, they still do. 
  52. You love the element of surprise; whether it’s you surprising others or, being surprised yourself. 
  53. You do not have time for excuses. If you’re going to do something for them do it, if not, let it be known.
  54. You are never afraid to get to the bottom of something that is unsettling. Save for God! 
  55. You like to do things with meaning; even in your most random moments, there is a cause for it all. 
  56. You may socialize well with the general crowd but, you do not necessarily develop close friendships with the people in it. 
  57. You are either heavily involved with someone or, choose to stay by yourself. They are not serial daters and when it comes to love, they are very sensitive because they love extreeeemlly hard. 
  58. You need to be in control of your life and primarily, money. They very often become self employed, needing to be in control of their career path and financial status and you will find that you make most of your money, combining passion/s, knowledge and your unique way of looking at the world. 
  59. You are business focused, with a heart for making a difference! 
  60. You will cry when you are tied down. 

Aquarians are not heartless; they just know when to use their heart less to protect themselves from hurt. I hope you enjoyed knowing about you or your Aquarian friend / lover and even enemy. These are my compilations based on research, they are not my originals! If you do have any other Aquarian fact you’d like to share, Il love to learn more, trust me! (Laughs!)  Like I said! Keep calm lovelies, it’s almost ‘Aquarian’ season 😆!



Disclaimer: Images featured other than personal images, are not a product of this site, they have been obtained from goggle for emphasis.


    • Lmao!!! Kai Kai!
      My mouth was literally ajar most of the time, while researching! And I couldn’t stop lavvvin! 😂
      But I am not egostical now😣🙁✋.


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