I’m not sure the expressive term I’d use to describe the feeling that has me up @ 4:16 am, a bit clueless, with mixed feelings (emotions) just a tad bit uneasy emotionally, lol! Silly *rolls eyes*.

Although I can’t place a hang on or discuss it, I have gotten a Lil ‘inspo tip’ for anyone struggling with same or any one who has rare/occasional moments when your emotions just seem to be all over the place and a bit irritating to you (if you’d permit me to add). It’s in two simple sentences –

  1. Say something positive to your unsettled self. (the power of words, don’t ever underestimate. Talk less, positive words and, from you!).
  2. Engage in something else you ABSOLUTELY love or love doing. (Doesn’t have to be the crazy, out of your reality sort of ‘sport’,  i’m sure you perfectly understand). 

That said, I can assure you guys I feel a lot calm within now. Hope these very brief tips come through for you too.





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