Hey lovelies!

So… we are literally one day shy of December and astonishingly one month closer to 2017! (Like wasn’t it just January yesterday?). More surprising is the HEAT in the FCT, its unimaginable. This was certainly not the case last year, or even the year before that, which begs the question – “Oh sun! BET WHY???“. 

Before we get an answer to that (which surely wouldn’t be anytime soon), let me admit that my outfit for the Delphino picnic over the weekend was quite ‘rizked’ (vernacular Nigerian twist for the word risky). A splurge of patterns which could either go wrong or not (I will let you be the judge of that *wink*); my meithreads kimono (which I have become quite fond of I must say), cropped dress, statement jewelry, converse and a handy cup of Starbucks coffee and if you believe that last bit, you probably will believe anything! (Lol) However, considering how hot it is now in the FCT, this allowed me play around in two ways i haven’t in quite a bit. Want to guess?

If you guessed Fedora and Crops  then you couldn’t have been more right!








Delphino Picnic


So Sunday was live, lit, turned-up…whatever you think descibes fun, dazit!, in the FCT with another edition of the Delphino Entertainment picnic; which is basically a fun event (picnic themed), hosting quite a number of popular artists and celebrities alike, features games and lots of music, drinks and of course the entire fun seeking Abuja community.




I did have an interesting start off, connecting with friends I had not seen in a bit, laughing, acting silly, music, talks (loads of that) but then for the most part of it, a happy tale did not crown my day and when all was said and done all I craved was retreat back to my solitary, serene (and other times) busy cocoon. I had somehow lost my keys and after a momentary panic session and wondering to find it, we did (not me of course because although I seemed to be looking, the shock had me seeing nothing, lol).

Finally I could just go!


Nope! I had to be blocked by cars parked two additional lanes beside and in front of mine. Attempts to leave, pointless. Not until about 2 hours after surrendering my frustration and subtly giving up my efforts, then ALAS! There shows up one car owner and then another and then finally, I could leave. Talk about one crazy day!






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