Noelia Garella is a 31 year old Argentine lady who despite obvious odds, is living her dream and living it happily! You might say her story isn’t different from any other story aimed at promoting believing in ones dreams, but having gone through her story i believe it is.


Noelia was born with T21 – a genetic condition that influences development throughout life. This genetic difference is present from conception, affecting the individual with it during prenatal development, infancy, childhood and throughout their adult lives. T21 (Trisomy 21) is popularly  know as Down Syndrome. Down syndrome is one of the most common causes of learning disabilities (among other things), as people with down syndrome nearly always have physical and intellectual disabilities. Despite such a big deal, Noella, wanted to teach, believed she could and now is in a class of her own, teaching!


As a child Noelia Garella was once rejected from a preschool and the preschool director called her a ‘Monster’. She faced prejudice – many people doubted her abilities. (they couldn’t believe in what she believed was possible). People were convinced that it was not possible for a teacher with down syndrome to actually teach. Some people were warned that a teacher with down syndrome would be introduced to the mix and that others should not “get scared”. Only one person thought it was okay and perfectly normal for her to engage with the kids.

She did not want her physical and genetic condition to define her so, she studied to become an early childhood educator and started working in the year 2012. Now, she is the first and only person to work as a teacher with down syndrome in Argentina and among the very few in the world.

Noelia for me is the definition of BRAVERY and here are a few lessons i have learnt from what should have been a sad/pity story, but rather now, is just her story and a beautifully encouraging one at that. I have learnt that:

  • Your dream could be rejected and your vision completely disregarded but that doesn’t make it impossible.
  • The fact that others do not understand your dream, think it has never been done or just blatantly believe you are incapable of attaining it, does not make their thoughts the rule.
  • People will (for whatever pleasure it gives them) deliberately project your ‘foolishness’ so that others (who again, do not understand the possibility), will mock you. They may ridicule you, address you with words that destroy your ego; but understand that it is your dream (well your mind created it without the assistance of another brain), so the only person you should take offence at not believing, is you! Keep believing.
  • With something as little as support or a cheer (in a dream that is good!), the world can be a better place; with people fearlessly actualizing their dreams. So you should be supportive too.
  • You also do not need a lot. Just one-go ahead, one-i believe in you, one-this is lovely, one-you can do it, one-hundred Naira, one-laptop, one-chance, one-block, one! and be grateful for that one and build up from that. Remember they say 3 is a crowd already.
  • Your definition is what you make of it, not where you are from, what you look like, who you were told you are by your parents, your hospital records and all of that. What defines you, is what you want to define you and that can always upgrade, change or be deleted, by you of course!
  • You have to work! In order to become or achieve what others say is impossible, you will work for it. You will need to study harder, understudy (i’m learning the power this has), sleep less, play less, try more times, be consistent, learn (this can be a whole lotta work though sigh….lol!) and pay attention to that drive, dream, vision…
  • You will need to be focused and Brave.
  • There is no such thing as too late to achieve your dream, IF you truly believe and work hard towards it. It is only too late when you have no more FAITH! (or die of course).


In the end as Noelia Garella says “now i am the happy monster and she is the sad monster”, you too can be the happy monster *winks*.



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