Hi guys,

So my week has been all shades of exciting and surprising. This is not to say in anyway that it didn’t come with its downers but, for the most part, I was more enthusiastic and I definitely carried about a brand new, positive energy. It feels somewhat like my 2016 just began (but we all know that is all up in my head yea, lol!).

So in the spirit of closing a beautiful week – beautifully, I had to share these amazing shots by Mastermindstudios. Aren’t they just stunning!


Modeled by fierce and stunning – Ojima


Make up slay by the amazing- makeupbyjaru


There’s so much power in these shots.

First I get the feeling of Royalty– The Egyptian queen.

The aura of Prestige and Sophistication – all presented in the Gold elements; accessories, highlights  et al.

The focus of light on brown skin  melanin popping’ – The truth of black shinning through , as opposed being scorched burnt when exposed.

Beauty in angles – The woman who adapts to the external factors without caving in, but rather creates a niche for herself by understanding how to work best with her world.

Power of a gaze – Strength possessed by a woman who is certain of who she is.

Hair; full and let free or braided still – The Beauty in diversity, guided by owning one’s personality.


I’ve had myself a beautiful week and I believe it has been Gold-in

I employ you have a Gold-in weekend too.




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