She now stands at the center of the compound, as if trying to create a scene.

“Where is that our SHA-ME-less Landlord that can’t keep his pants zipped?” She asks not particularly to anyone, but expecting an answer.

A deep, lazy voice is heard, progressing towards her.

“YES! Mama Banke, why you dey shout my name? abi, is your house on fire ni?”

“Fire?  Fire??” Banke’s mum asks rhetorically.

Laughing, she replies

“Haba Landlord, that one is small now, my house is on fire but your whole compound will be coming down soon from the flame, ma worry!” Shaking her head and pointing her index finger in Banke’s direction.

“Oya Lady! Come out here!”

Oga Deji replied in a loud, authoritative tone.

“Woman! You must be mad o, better waka inside go find wetin dey disturb you”

Banke steps out

“Wa sibi” mama Banke commands

Banke draws closer to her mum, both facing their Landlord, who is now startled but slightly aware there’s trouble.

“Me Mad?” Laughing sarcastically, Banke’s mum asks

“You don’t know what madness is Landlord, but I will clarify for you what it is today today!”

She hisses then continues

“You, grown man like you, getting my 17year old daughter who is just in SS3…S.S.3! Pregnant, is the mad thing. What is madness?? That one has finished madness! That is devilish! You are wicked!!!” She exclaims.

The whole compound, now on alert has neighbors, women especially, whispering and cursing.

“Yesso! I said it! This shameless Landlord has decided to collect rent from my daughter in KIND. Use–less man!” *hissing*

Banke embarrassed, only cries.

“Your daughter is a liar! Beat her o! Mey she talk who dey responsible for the belle, e no concern me” Oga Deji defends.

“Oh! So you want me to kill my daughter, with ‘your’ unborn baby inside abi??”  She laughs Sarcastically.

“It won’t happen!”

Banke interrupts.

“Oga Deji, I am not lying, you know you are responsible”

“Common shut up there! You this stupid girl! How many times I touch you sef! Just two time and you dey claim belle, wetin u sabi? Shut up there!”

Banke’s mum faints!

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