“Knowledge is power” they say,

Yet they say, “What you do not know cannot hurt you”,

They forget so fast then, the power of knowledge?

The knowledge of the reason behind a smile, we appreciate;

The knowledge of the reason behind a tear, we judge.

How can we then balance the power in what we know?

Power that weakens or that which makes us grow?

As both sides to a coin cannot be seen at same glance,

As a face under a mask who can know it’s true stance?

That is the knowledge I know.

Where is the power in that?

I better rephrase, as much power exists in knowing,

More resides in ignorance;

The power of the unknown, like death so stealth yet so fast.

For in ignorance, there will be no option to balance.

What might be, could be, haunts the mind,

Not of the oppressor, the face behind the mask, so unkind;

But of the oppressed, the mind that wonders,

That sees only outside, just one side.

Which do I choose then?

What power can I safely comprehend?

The power from knowing, to appreciate or to judge;

Or the power from not knowing,

From silence, from the truth covered by a mask;

The power from nothing-ness, that shouldn’t hurt but does.

Play safe!

Stay ignorant;

A Stealth, fast death.



Questions, confusion, an indefinite imbalance.

How do I choose then?

To know or not to know;

The power in both, so unclear.



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